Multi PLC Training Course

Multi PLC Courses
Multi PLC Courses


All Major PLC Course

Multi PLC Training Course is Provided by Burraq Engineering Solutions in best engineering institute of Pakistan. We can also provide our courses online for cities like KarachiQuetta which are far away from Lahore. In this course we will study about the SIEMENS PLC Training , Allen Bradly PLC Training, Mitsubishi PLC Training, OMRON PLC Training, DELTA PLC Training, FATEK PLC Training in this same course.  We are also Providing online video Courses of PLC and SCADA on our LMS Platform Learn-Your-Skills Lyskills.

Fee: 40,000

Duration: 6 Weeks

Timing:  9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM



SIEMENS PLC Training course Outline 

  1. Introduction and History
  2. Introduction to TIA portal and its installation
  3. Programming languages
  4. Making Simple Program in TIA
  5. Going online with S7-1200 via TIA
  6. Upload /download program in PLC
  7. Bit Logic Instructions
  8. Timers and Counters
  9. Comparator and Arithmetic Functions
  10. MOVE Block
  11. PLC troubleshooting
  12. Introduction to analog and digital sensors
  13. Interconnection of  analog and digital sensors with plc
  14. Intro to VFD
  15. PLC Wiring sink/source
  16. Sensor wiring
  17. VFD parameter setting
  18. HMI (Human Machine Interface) Section
  19. Connect and programing  HMI with s7-1200
  23. Intro to AB PLC
  24. Intro to micrologix 1000
  25. Installing micrologix 1000 and RS linkx
  26. Learn to download and upload program in micrologix 1000
  27. Use of  emulator in AB
  28. AB plc wiring sink/source
  29. Sensor wiring
  30. NO ,NC and OUT commands
  31. Timers TON, TOFF AND retentive  in AB
  32. Counters and compare commands
  33. Data registers
  34. Increment and decrement operations
  35. Arithmetic commands
  36. Jump and label command
  37. High speed counters
  38. Connect and programing  HMI with micrologix 1000
  41. Intro to MITAUBISHI PLC
  42. Intro to GX works 2
  43. Installing GX works 2
  44. Learn to download and upload program in GX works 2
  45. Use of  emulator in GX works 2
  46. MITAUBISHI plc wiring
  47. GX Works 2 Requirement & Setup/Installation
  48. GX Works 2 Screen Configuration
  49. Create a project and sample program in GX works 2
  50. MITAUBISHI PLC wiring sink/source
  51. Sensor wiring with  MITAUBISHI PLC
  52. Latch and Timer MITAUBISHI PLC
  53. Counter
  54. Turn Off Simulation
  55. Rising Pulse & Falling Pulse
  56. How to use Data Register
  57. MOVE Instruction
  58. Math Instruction
  59. Compare command in GX works
  60. Connect and programing  HMI with MITAUBISHI PLC
  62. OMRON
  63. Intro to OMRON
  64. Intro to CX-programmer
  65. Installing CX-programmer
  66. Going online with OMRON Plc
  67. Learn to download and upload program with CX-programmer
  68. Use of  emulator in CX-programmer
  69. OMRON plc wiring types
  70. Interfacing sensors with OMRON plc and their wiring
  71. Latching and interlocking
  72. Connecting NPN and PNP sensors with PLC
  73. Commenting and labeling in CX-programmer
  74. Types of timers in OMRON  plc
  75. Counters with comparison
  76. Data registers
  77. Arithmetic commands ADD,AUB,MUL,DIV
  79. DELTA
  80. Intro to DELTA PLC DVP24ES
  81. Intro to WPLsoft
  82. Installing WPLsoft
  83. Going online with DELTA Plc
  84. Learn to download and upload program with WPLsoft
  85. Use of  emulator in WPLsoft
  86. DELTA plc wiring
  87. Making PLC Sink/Source
  88. Connecting NPN and PNP sensors with PLC
  89. LD,LDI  and OUT commands
  90. Commenting and labeling in WPLsoft
  91. Types of timers in DELTA plc
  92. Counters and compare commands
  93. Data registers
  94. Increment and decrement operations
  95. Arithmetic commands ADD,AUB,MUL,DIV
  96. Call subroutines
  97. Jump and label command
  98. High speed counters
  99. Encoder with DELTA PLC
  101. FATEK
  102. Intro to FATEK PLC
  103. Intro to Winproladder
  104. Going online with FATEK Plc
  105. Learn to download and upload program in winproladder
  106. Use of  emulator in Winproladder
  107. FATEK plc wiring sink/source
  108. Connecting NPN and PNP sensors with PLC
  109. Sensor wring and its types
  110. NO ,NC and OUT commands
  111. Commenting and labeling in Winproladder
  112. Timers TON, TOFF AND retentive  in AB
  113. Counters and compare commands
  114. Data registers In FATEK
  115. Increment and decrement operations
  116. Arithmetic commands
  117. Jump and label command
  118. High speed counters
  119. Encoder with FATEK
  120. Motor control with FATEK