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Arduino course
Arduino Training in Lahore


Now get Arduino Training in best engineering insitutite of Pakistan. We are providing practical training of PLC HMI & SCADA, AutoCAD, ETAP and a lot more engineering training in Lahore. We can also provide our courses online for cities like Karachi, Quetta which are far away from Lahore.

Fee: 75,00

Duration: 2 Weeks

Timing:  9-12, 12-3, 3-6. 6-9

  • Introduction:

    1.  Introduction to Arduino
    2.  Digital Input and Outputs
    3.  LED blinking
    4.  Traffic light signal

    Introduction to Analog IOs:

    1.  Analog IOs (Resolution)
    2.  Interfacing of LM35 
    3.  LCD interfacing
    4.  Filters for Analog sensors

    Motors Control:

    1.  Introduction to Servo and Stepper motors
    2.  Servo motor Control
    3.  Stepper motor Control

    Robot Control:

    1.  DC motor direction control
    2.  DC motor speed control
    3.  Introduction to H-Bridge

    Introduction to Sensors:

    1.  Analog sensors
    2.  Interfacing of Analog sensors with Arduino
    3.  Project