Advance Arduino Training in Pakistan

Advance Arduino training
Advance Arduino training
Do you want to get Advance Aurdino training in Pakistan? Burraq Engineering Solutions is providing services of Arduino training by word-wide experienced instructors. Our training sessions of Arduino train will polish and enhance the skills of young engineers and all professionals from basic to advance training of Arduino. We are serving the Engineering and Automation field of Pakistan for the last 8 years with theory and Lab practices. We also serve the student by our LMS platform name Lyskills where students can get quality content at a  very cheap price.
Course Fee: 20,000
Duration: 4 Weeks
Timing: 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM
 course outline
  1. Brief into of level 1
  2. DATA communication between Arduinos
  3. Master slave configuration
  4. Machine to machine communication
  5. Rs485 communication with industrial sensors
  6. Saving analog data to excel file
  7. Intro to Bluetooth module
  8. BT module interfacing with Arduino
  9. Designing basic mobile app
  10.  Connecting BT module   with mobile  app
  11. Introduction to esp8266
  12. node mcu+esp intro
  13. Node Mcu programming
  14.  esp8266 serial communication
  15. Interfacing Arduino with Wi-Fi modules
  16. Adding Arduino access over internet
  17. Making web page and server for Arduino
  18. Controlling Arduino via internet
  19. Taking digital pin data/status on mobile app
  20. Showing temperature  sensor data on mobile
  21. Taking light  intensity  on mobile app
  22. Control/dim LED from mobile app
  23. Control AC light bulb  via android app
  24. ON-OFF / dim fan via android app
  25. Taking digital pin data/status on web pages
  26. Showing temperature  sensor data on web server
  27. Taking light  intensity  on web server
  28. Designing of Bluetooth controlled devices
  29. Designing of Wi-Fi controlled /iot  devices
  30. Intro to iot  web browsers
  31. Control light bulb  via web browser
  32. Control/dim LED from browser
  33. ON-OFF/ dim fan via web browser