AutoCAD 2D & 3D

AutoCAD 2D & 3D

Now get AutoCAD 2D & 3D Training in the best engineering insitutite of Pakistan. We are providing practical training of PLC HMI & SCADA, AutoCAD, ETAP and a lot more engineering training in Lahore. We can also provide our courses online for cities like Karachi, Quetta which are far away from Lahore.

Fee: 25,000.Rs ( For Foreginers Students Fee 250.$ )

Duration: 4 Weeks

Timing:  9-12, 12-3, 3-6. 6-9

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Course Outline


  1.  Introduction to course
  2.  Installation of AutoCAD
  3.  AutoCAD and its interface(Model, Layouts)
  4.  AutoCAD classic
  5.  Introduction to AutoCAD Main menu

Commands in AutoCAD 2D

  1.  Line command
  2.  Units and limits
  3.  Precision drawing tools
  4.  Dimensions Style
  5.  Polyline command
  6.  Rectangle, Arc, Circle Command
  7.  Ellipse, Point Command
  8.  Block, Table Command
  9.  Hatch, Gradient Command
  10.  Boundary, Region, Text Command
  11.  Measuring Distance, Concept of Layers
  12.  Erase, Copy, Move Command
  13.  Offset, Array, Rotate, Stretch, Scale Command
  14.  Break, Extent, Fillet Command

House Plan in 2D

  1.  Introduction to House Plan
  2.  Guidelines to House Plan
  3.  Site and Size requirements
  4.  Designing of ground floor
  5.  Creating spaces for doors, windows etc.
  6.  Placement of Doors, Windows, Interior fixtures etc.
  7.  Adding Dimensions
  8.  Designing first Floor
  9.  Introduction to elevation Drawing
  10.  Finalizing Elevation Drawing
  11.  Page setup of printing and exporting

Introduction to 3D

  1. 3D commands

House Plan in 3D

  1. Preparing the Plan for AutoCAD 3D Modeling
  2.  Drawing the Walls on AutoCAD 3D
  3.  Designing the Doors and Windows in AutoCAD 3D
  4.  Designing the Roofing Plan in 3D
  5.  Finalizing the 3D view of House Plan
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