AutoCAD Electrical & Switchgear Design

AutoCAD Traning

Now get AutoCad Training in the best engineering institute of Pakistan. We are providing practical training of PLC HMI & SCADA, AutoCAD, ETAP and a lot more engineering training in Lahore. We can also provide our courses online for cities like KarachiQuetta which are far away from Lahore.


Fee: 15,000

Duration: 2 Weeks

Timing:  9-12, 12-3, 3-6. 6-9

  • AutoCAD Electrical basics and Professional commands. 
  • NO contact, NC contact, Relay Coil, Timer coil, NO push button, NC push button, SP MCB:

  • Copy and paste attribute symbols into palate and design center

  • Discus types of electrical diagram

  • How to make lighting distribution board (LDB) for story building

  • Draw DB diagram with respect to different types of load. (SLD and power circuit & calculation)

  • Load Balancing

  • SLD of DB checking/finishing and discussion

  • Draw SLD of motor control center (MCC), motor calculation & selection method of motor components

  • SLB MCC diagram checking/finishing and discussion

  • Study and understand DOL circuit and operation

  • DOL starter diagram (used attribute & Dynamic blocks for control circuit)

  • Study and understand ASD circuit and operation

  • ASD starter diagram (used attribute & Dynamic blocks for control circuit)

  • Study and understand REV/FOR circuit and operation

  • REV/FOR starter diagram (used attribute & Dynamic blocks for control circuit)

  • Checking schematic diagram of DOL, ASD & REV/FOR starters / fishing and discussion

  • Overview about all international standard relevant to electrical switchgear field

  • Types of switchgear panels (slides), Types of diagram (slides)

  • ANSI protection relay codes

  • Switchgear device/components codes

  • Draw the SLD & Schematic diagram of interlocking between 3 –motors with operating water level switches & lamp text facility and alarm acknowledge scheme

  • Checked schematic & control circuit of motor interlocking/fishing and discussion

  • Draw SLD, Schematic & diagram and interlocking of WAPDA & Generator source with using TP ACBs (LT Switchboard)

  • Draw PFI diagram (SLD and power circuit)

  • PFI diagram discussion and Calculation for Power factor bank.

  • Wiring diagram of LT Switchboard

  • Copper bus bar calculations

  • ATS (Automatic Transfer Supply) Control Power diagram and Selection criteria. 

  • Transformer and Generator size calculation and Proposal

  • Motor Control Center sizing i.e Breaker sizing according to NEC , Contactor sizing, overload relay sizing, busbar sizing 

  • DOL, DOL 2 location, DOL long distance 

  • DOL Reverse Forward 

  • Star Delta

  • Reverse Forward star delta 

  • Series Resistance Method 

  • Series Inductance Method 

  • Auto transformer Method 

  • Buzzer and Light indication for faults

  • CT and PT calculation 

  • Cable sizing and BS/NEC standard for voltage drop of cable selection. 

  • Short circuit current calculation for breaker and cable selection