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November 19, 2022

3D Max Training

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Course Fee:  25,000

Duration:  4 Weeks

Timing: 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM 


Course outline of 3ds Max

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3dsMax interface

  • Navigation techniques and tools
  • Using Viewports and view settings
  • Cameras, Three button Mouse
  • Manipulation of objects using Transform tools
  • Primitives modelling
  • Using Modifier stack
  • Modifiers like Bend, twist, taper, Noise

Primitives and modelling

  • Making a Basic room using primitives
  • Using 2D Shapes
  • Converting 2D shapes to 2D models using Extrude and Bevel
  • Lofting techniques
  • Sub object modelling
  • Using Box modelling technique

Polygon Modelling and Product Models

  • Understanding proper modelling methods
  • Using Vertices, Faces and Edges
  • Adding edge loops.
  • Creating realistic solid models

Compound shapes

  • Using Compound Objects
  • Boolean and Scatter
  • Creating a 3D Model using image planes.
  • Practical session on creating the Model

Working with texture mapping

  • Understanding texturing in 3dsMax
  • Using Material Editor
  • Shaders like Blinn, Phong and Anisoptropy
  • Basic Lighting in 3dsMax
  • Using Point lights, Direct lights and Spotlights
  • Rendering using Scanline renderer
  • Raytracing, Shadows and reflections

Intermediate texture mapping options

  • Basic UV unwrapping
  • UV editor
  • 2D Textures
  • Using Bitmaps as textures
  • Using Photoshop to create textures
  • 3D textures
  • exturing the Product Model made by each participant

Deformer Rigs and Animation

  • Creating a simple Rig
  • Using Hierarchy
  • Linking and Unlinking objects
  • Creating a simple Ball rig

Using Textures

  • Applying Textures
  • Texture mapping
  • Projecting textures on surfaces
  • Applying multiple materials
  • UV mapping
  • The UV Texture Editor

Animating in 3ds Max

  • Understanding Animation
  • Timeline and animation setup
  • Principles of animation – A Basic Introduction
  • Creating Keyframes and inbetweens
  • Graph Editor
  • Bouncing Ball exercise

Lighting and rendering

  • Setting up the scene for Product presentation
  • Camera Setup and animation
  • 3 Point lighting setup.
  • Using mental ray rendering
  • Mental ray render setup
  • Mental Ray Materials
  • Global Illumination
  • Final gather

Rendering and output

  • Rendering in Layers
  • Ambient occlusion rendering
  • Compositing in Photoshop
  • Presenting the final 3D Animation

3ds Max is the construction of 3D professional modeling software, animation and rendering applications, formerly 3D Studio and 3D Studio Max, used to make 3D animations, models, interactive games and visual effects for the entertainment industry. 3Ds Max plays a huge role in designing the 2D cross-sectional shape of the 3D model . It can make the character come to life by using a special feature called inverse kinematics, which can connect different parts of the character together.

Get to know 3ds Max

3ds Max is capable of architectural modeling and can be used as a tool in the product design and manufacturing collection. It is a powerful software that is used for different purposes in almost every industry. For novices, understanding it is not easy, but it will undoubtedly promote their career development. Here, we learn some important elements of the 3Ds Max interface –

  •  Main Toolbar: It is located at the top of the interface. It includes tools and options, which look like buttons and drop-down menus.
  •  Command panel : It is located on the right side of the interface. It includes all other commands required by the user.
  •  Maxscript editor : used to encode scripts, utilities and plug-ins.
  •  Viewport : This is a view box that displays the scene from four different angles (top, left, front, and perspective ). The viewport is very useful and allows you to work quickly and easily.
  •  Material editor : used to texture the object and prepare materials and textures that can be applied to the object.
  •  Render box window: It allows users to view the final output of the scene using materials and lighting. This output can also be saved for future reference.

How does 3ds Max make your work easier?

It has a very powerful set of tools and commands. It has a variety of unique built-in basic shapes, such as teapots, cones, cubes , pyramids, etc., which are used as the basis for model development.

When most of the tools and commands are in front of the user and will not cause confusion, using this tool will become easier and more fun. The software also supports the simulation of mechanical parts because it supports the NURBS function, which allows smooth modeling using mathematical formulas.

Character modeling has also become easier, because 3ds Max includes simulations of hair, skin, fur, and clothing. These built-in tools reduce modeling time and enhance details.

Various subsets of 3ds Max

The different subsets are as follows

  • MAXScript: This is a coding language built into the software to perform repetitive tasks. This script is responsible for developing tools and user interfaces.
  • Character Studio: Mainly a plug-in. Currently, character studio is a tool that helps to animate characters based on tock skeleton animation.
  • General Keyframing: In the software, users have two key formation techniques; automatic keys and setting keys. They all provide support to users according to different workflows.
  • Skinning: Using this technology, the user can control the movement of the character.
  • Scene Explorer: This subset provides a sequential view of scene data . It also helps to edit the data separately, making it clearer when editing complex scenes.

What can I do with 3ds Max?

Users can create an animated single character and develop scenes that contain multiple people. The software has multiple animation controllers, you can create, modify and even share them.

In addition, 3D rendering features. One of the main functions of the program is that users can view the rendering results without actually rendering the scene. This is achieved by activating the ” active shadow mode ” in the program itself .

The interface of the program is clear and will not be delayed for too long like V-ray and other rendering programs.

Use 3ds Max

For beginners, using 3ds Max is not an easy task. Users with 3D software experience will have an advantage. Although beginners do not need a lot of time to learn the program. The workspace, tools, commands and interface are very easy. Powerful tools and feature set can help simplify the modeling, construction and rendering of models

Advantages of 3ds Max

  • It supports a large number of tools that are easy to model.
  • User-friendly in modeling and complex animation
  • It supports powerful and multiple animation tools
  • It supports a material editor, which allows users to create and edit materials and textures in their scenes.

Required skills

Before starting to learn 3ds Max, users should have a good understanding of the 3D environment and its tools and presets. In addition, prior knowledge about the work waiting will also be of great help to users.

3ds Max scope

Based on building design, infrastructure, construction, and product development, 3Ds Max has a wide range in almost every industry. Because it has better.
It provides some very simple tools and modifiers to make the task easier. Although Maya is used more for filming and animation, Max is used for games and better modeling
All in all, Autodesk 3ds Max is a practical software for learning and practicing animation, it helps to develop the skills required for 3D modeling and animation purposes. One of the best features is the plug-in function, which can enhance its functionality and make it an application for global use .
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