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AutoCAD Electrical & Low Voltage Panel

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Burraq Engineering Solutions is providing physical training of Autocad Electrical & Low Voltage Electrical Panel in Lahore. We will teach you how to insert Electrical Symbols in AutoCad. BES is best training institute which is offering his services in the field of Electrical and Automation from last 8 years with best and trained technical instructors. Due to rapid increase in online video training trend we introduce a platform Lyskills where you can get online video training of panel design in Autocad Electrical training course and many other Short Electrical Courses. Online classes also available for autocad electrical & low voltage electrical Panel for all over the Pakistan.

Fee: 15,000

Duration: 3 Weeks

Timing: 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM


  1. AutoCAD Electrical basics and Professional commands. 
  2. NO contact, NC contact, Relay Coil, Timer coil, NO push button, NC push button, SP MCB:
  3. Copy and paste attribute symbols into palate and design center
  4. Discus types of electrical diagram
  5. How to make lighting distribution board (LDB) for story building
  6. Draw DB diagram with respect to different types of load. (SLD and power circuit & calculation)
  7. Load Balancing
  8. SLD of DB checking/finishing and discussion
  9. Draw SLD of motor control center (MCC), motor calculation & selection method of motor components
  10. SLB MCC diagram checking/finishing and discussion
  11. Study and understand DOL circuit and operation
  12. DOL starter diagram (used attribute & Dynamic blocks for control circuit)
  13. Study and understand ASD circuit and operation
  14. ASD starter diagram (used attribute & Dynamic blocks for control circuit)
  15. Study and understand REV/FOR circuit and operation
  16. REV/FOR starter diagram (used attribute & Dynamic blocks for control circuit)
  17. Checking schematic diagram of DOL, ASD & REV/FOR starters / fishing and discussion
  18. Overview about all international standard relevant to electrical switchgear field
  19. Types of switchgear panels (slides), Types of diagram (slides)
  20. ANSI protection relay codes
  21. Switchgear device/components codes
  22. Draw the SLD & Schematic diagram of interlocking between 3 –motors with operating water level switches & lamp text facility and alarm acknowledge scheme
  23. Checked schematic & control circuit of motor interlocking/fishing and discussion
  24. Draw SLD, Schematic & diagram and interlocking of WAPDA & Generator source with using TP ACBs (LT Switchboard)
  25. Draw PFI diagram (SLD and power circuit)
  26. PFI diagram discussion and Calculation for Power factor bank.
  27. Wiring diagram of LT Switchboard
  28. Copper bus bar calculations
  29. ATS (Automatic Transfer Supply) Control Power diagram and Selection criteria.
  30. Transformer and Generator size calculation and Proposal
  31. Motor Control Center sizing i.e Breaker sizing according to NEC , Contactor sizing, overload relay sizing, busbar sizing
  32. DOL, DOL 2 location, DOL long distance
  33. DOL Reverse Forward
  34. Star Delta
  35. Reverse Forward star delta
  36. Series Resistance Method
  37. Series Inductance Method
  38. Auto transformer Method
  39. Buzzer and Light indication for faults
  40. CT and PT calculation
  41. Cable sizing and BS/NEC standard for voltage drop of cable selection.
  42. Short circuit current calculation for breaker and cable selection


AutoCAD – What is AutoCAD?


AutoCAD comes from the CAD product line from Autodesk and is intended for the creation of 2D and 3D drawings with the computer. The current version is AutoCAD 2011, which was presented in March 2010. AutoCAD is the most widely used CAD program in the world. There are already more than 3 million purchased licenses. In the beginning, this CAD software was only suitable for creating technical drawings, but now it offers a mature 3D function for simple modeling of objects. Thanks to a special extension, the program is particularly suitable for architects, interior designers, design specialists, engineers, geo-informatics and building technicians.

AutoCAD is a vector-oriented drawing program that is based on simple geometric objects, which in turn represent a basis for complex 3D objects. AutoCAD has only supported Microsoft Windows as the operating system since Real 14. Older versions also run on Apple Macintosh and Unix. However, due to the low demand, production of the AutoCAD series for Macintosh and Unix was discontinued. AutoCAD supports .dwg and .dxf files, which are currently the most widely used worldwide and internationally recognized in the industry. AutoCAD is still considered to be the world’s leading software when it comes to 2D and 3D drawings.

What is AutoCAD Electrical?


The electrical software AutoCAD Electrical automates routine planning tasks and increases productivity when creating drawings. It offers the full functionality of AutoCAD and additional functions for planning electrical systems with CAD, including symbol libraries, parts list reports and PLC I / O drawings – with the result that all electrical engineering planning processes can be completed much faster and more efficiently.
AutoCAD Electrical is part of the AutoCAD Toolsets.


Features of AutoCADS Electrical at a Glance


1. Increase efficiency

Quickly and easily create standards-based electrical control designs using commonly used devices. A symbol library for electrical circuit diagrams offers support for electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic

2. Time savings in tracking changes and checking for errors

With wire numbering and equipment labeling functions, electrical circuit diagram drawings are automatically assigned based on the selected configuration.

3. increase of productivity

Use the Circuit Designer to create electrical schematic designs based on the wire material type, ambient temperature, and maximum voltage

4. Intelligent control cabinet layout drawings

You save a lot of time by automatically linking a device with the associated display when inserting it into a layout. Export control cabinet connection data to an XML file that can be imported into Wago ProServe or Phoenix Contact.

5. Automatic generation of reports

Integrated functions automatically generate and update reports with parts lists, wiring lists with start and end points, PLC I / O, terminal diagrams, cable overviews and cross-references. Easily sort and filter data to create custom reports and run those reports with a single command.

Electrical Toolset


The electrical toolset is one of a total of seven tool sets that are included in the AutoCAD versions from 2019.


Scope and functions of the electrical tool set


To improve the development of electrical controls, the Electrical Toolset has more than 2,000 schematic symbols ready for insertion. These are both electrical and pneumatic and hydraulic in nature. If these symbols are inserted in the circuit diagram, the connected cable / line adapts automatically. The program detects whether there is any overlap and in this case searches for a free space along the cable / line. If there is none, it places the component to be inserted outside and automatically creates a connection. The cables are then numbered and the components are labeled according to their type. You can choose whether the labeling is to be assigned for the entire project or only for the edited drawing.

Properties and descriptions of the schematic symbols are automatically transferred to panel components. Partial lists can be tracked and the information can then be output in tabular form. It is also possible to create PLC I / O drawings from spreadsheet programs such as Excel. It is also easy to edit components. With a click on the corresponding component and the selection of the command “edit” a window with all specializations opens.

Since changes are permanently recorded, teamwork or change requests by the customer are easily possible and traceable.

Advantages of AutoCAD Electrical for the user


The AutoCAD Electrical toolset is designed to help you design electrical controls in less time, while eliminating errors and providing accurate information. While AutoCAD elements and cables must be rotated individually, cables in the Electrical toolset automatically adapt to inserted smart objects and close when they are removed. That saves time. When moving components and editing projects, the program automatically checks whether there are duplications or whether the numbering needs to be changed. This way, mistakes can be avoided. A warning also appears if too many contacts arrive at one point.

Existing drawings can be re-used and reused with the re-tagging tool. This automates manual copying, pasting and renaming.

A study carried out by Autodesk shows that the Electrical Toolset enables electrical designs to be edited up to 95% faster than with AutoCAD Basic. New designs can be created up to 84% faster, existing ones can be edited up to 77% faster. The probability of errors is up to 67% lower

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