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November 8, 2022

PLC 6 Months Course

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Fee: 75,000

Duration: 4 Weeks

Timing:  9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM


Course Outline Of PLC 6 Months Course


  • Introduction and History
  • Introduction to TIA portal and its installation
  • Programming languages stl ,fbd,ladder ,.
  • Making Simple Program in TIA
  • Add remove PLC controllers IN TIA program
  • Going online with s7-1200 plc via TIA
  • Connecting s7-1200 via Ethernet
  • Topology, network and device views
  • Upload /download program in PLCs
  • Working with different type of simulators like PLCSIM and s7-plsim simulating modules
  • Integration of simulator with TIA and their offline control
  • Monitoring of plc program while online
  • Checking and setting the CPU /CONTROLLER and module properties
  • Create tags for the I/O of the CPU.
  • Create a simple network in your user program
  • Use the PLC tags in the tag table for addressing the instructions
  • Inserting new networks and deleting them
  • Adding empty box, open and close branch as well as inserting inputs
  • Program blocks and main OB
  • Bit Logic Instructions NO, NC, COIL
  • Word Logic Operations, AND, OR NOT, NAND, XOR, XNOR
  • Assignments and negative assignments
  • Set/reset coil with flip-flops
  • Timers TP, TON, TOFF and time accumulators
  • Counters UP, DOWN, UP/DOWN
  • Range and validity functions
  • Comparator Like equal to, not equal to, less than, greater than etc.(= ,> ,< ,>= ,<= )
  • Arithmetic Functions like add sub,MUL,DIV,MOD,NEG,INC,DEC,ABS ,MIN,MAX,LIMIT
  • Advance Functions like SWAP, CONVERT, CEIL, FLOOR
  • Special Functions
  • Plc tags and adding new tag table
  • Plc data types, int, float, double, byte etch and how to add them
  • Plc trouble shooting and maintenance
  • Watch and force table and how to add them in project
  • Introduction to analog and digital sensors
  • PT100, opt electrical, limit switches
  • Integration of sensors with plc and taking values in TIA
  • Calibrating analog sensors RTD and Thermocouple
  • Reading analog sensor value from TIA portal
  • Going online problems and theirs solutions
  • WinCC Runtime Advanced
  • Implement PLC Programming in Factory Environment
  • Intro to VFD and frequency drives
  • VFD parameter setting in FUJI
  • Connect VFD with PLC and control by current change
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) Section
  • Learn to Program  WIENTEK HMI
  • Learn to design in Utility manager
  • Creating tags in HMI in utility manager
  • Adding buttons ,lamps , numeric inputs and outputs
  • Connect HMI with plc
  • Download program in HMI as well as online and offline simulations
  • Hmi and plc connection problems and solutions
  • Reading  senor value at HMI
  • Controlling motors from HMI
  • WinCC Runtime Advanced
  • Programming with Factory I/O
  • Introduction to SCADA


  • Quick Review of PLC HMI SCADA Level 1 Course.
  • Jump and Label instruction in TIA Portal S7 1200/300/400 PLC
  • How to make Functions (FC) in TIA Portal
  • What is Cross Reference?
  • FCs calling in Main (OB)
  • Difference between FC and FB
  • How to make FB in TIA and How to call it
  • Introduction to Factory I/O
  • Factory I/O Environment
  • Understand industrial automation components on Factory I/O
  • Configure and program Factory I/O Applications
  • Understand and develop logic on real time applications
  • Create and program your own automation applications
  • Understand uses of sensors, switches, actuators and conveyors
  • Interface & Configure different PLC Programming Software with Factory I/O
  • RTUs concept using Profibus
  • Motor Control with VFD
  • Parameters setting of Analog IO’s in VFD from control terminals
  • Connections of Analog IO’s (0-10V or 4-20mA)
  • Forward Reverse of Motor using keypad
  • Forward reverse of Motor from external signal
  • Controlling the Motor Acceleration and Deceleration time
  • Frequency setting range up to 120Hz
  • PLC wiring of Analog IO’s with VFD
  • Motor Speed control using VFD through PLC Motor Speed control from thermocouple through temperature.
  • Read and Write major parameter of VFD on HMI (weintek) via MODBUS RTU using RS485
  • Two VFD’s/Motors Operate with their feedback (Master Slave VFDs
  • Introduction to SCADA
  • SCADA system application( Oil GAS / factory /Metro/ Solar Power Plant /Steel Plant )
  • System overview TIA Portal,
  • WINCC Explorer Professional
  • Creating a WINCC Explorer Professional project
  • Configuring the connection to the WINCC Explorer automation system
  • Structuring the operator interface
  • Data & Communications
  • Project overview
  • Project Management
  • Running the Project
  • Multiuser project and client project
  • WINCC Explorer SCADA Graphic Designing
  • WINCC Explorer SCADA Reporting
  • WINCC Explorer SCADA connection with SQL Database by taking value of temperature/pressure/flow/level etc.
  • Alarm Logging
  • Tag logging & Trend display
  • Gauges, sliders, motors, pipes, tanks and other object designing on
  • WINCC Explorer SCADA.
  • Fundamentals of creating graphics displays for human machine interfacing
  • Navigating through the plant displays
  • User administration
  • Message representation, message logging, message configuring
  • Variable logging, trend configuring and trend plotting
  • Trend plotting, and message representation including logging of data in the database
  • Graphical Animation
  • Web Buttons
  • Slider Movement
  • Visibility
  • More Animations
  • Server-side Scripting
  • Client-side Scripting
  • Many side scripting
  • Database
  • Recipes
  • Introduction to Kepserver
  • SCADA direct Communication with PLC
  • SCADA to PLC Communication via Kepserver
  • SCADA to PLC Communication via Kepserver and Modbus


  • Quick Review of Level 1  Level 2
  • DB Block in Detail
  • FB Block in Detail
  • FC Block in Detail
  • UDTS
  • PID
  • PLC Safety Circuit
  • Web Server
  • MCR

Servo & Stepper Motion Control with S7-1200


  • Introduction
  • Difference between Servo and Stepper Motor
  • Overview of PLC based motion
  • HSC and PTO in S7-1200
  • How to generate PTO in S7-1200
  • Hardware wiring of Motor and Driver
  • Configuration Of Positioning Axis
  • Commissioning Of Axis
  • Programming of basic motion control functions
  • Axis Power and Axis Reset
  • Axis JOG Operation
  • Axis Homming Operation
  • Axis MoveRelative Motion Control
  • MC_MoveAbsolute
  • Difference between MC_Relative and MC_MoveAbsolute
  • Axis MC_MoveVelocity

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