Main features of WinProladder


General features

1. It adopts the Windows operating system and is designed in accordance with the operating habits of the Windows environment. It is easy to learn and use. Both beginners and experienced users can operate in an extremely efficient manner.

2. Using the concept of the project, visually present the development content of the program in a hierarchical manner, so that the related work content is clear at a glance. Whether it is program development or maintenance, it can be carried out in an extremely intuitive way.

3. Provide well-designed keyboard and mouse operation methods according to the difference between the job site and the office operating environment. The editing and testing of the program can be completed in an extremely efficient manner regardless of the operating environment.

4. Diversified connection methods, providing direct connection, modem connection, and Internet connection, etc., and different connection settings (such as transmission rate, telephone number, URL IP, etc.) can be named and stored for the next operation At that time, you only need to select from the pre-stored connection settings to be connected.

Program Editing in WinProladder

1. Provide an online program editing function, which can be executed immediately after editing without re-downloading the program, which can greatly shorten the development and modification time of the program.

2. Provide a multi-window ladder program screen, which can present different sections of the program at the same time and compare, copy and edit.

3. Provide a flexible ladder program editing function to perform high-efficiency operations such as inserting, copying, pasting, and deleting program networks to speed up program input.

4. Provide program unit input function-the user can divide the entire development work into several program units according to different functions or other classification methods and can perform independent input annotations and tests, which is important for the development of the program and the follow-up Maintenance work is of great help.

5. Provide an independent mnemonic code program display window, which can display the equivalent mnemonic code program of the ladder network where the cursor position in the ladder program window is located in real-time in WinProladder.

6. Diversified program search functions, which can search for components and registers and can set filter conditions such as component types, search ranges, and display the search results in a list. If you click directly on the search result with the mouse, the corresponding program part can be directly called and displayed in the ladder program window.

7. Provide program grammar checking function. The execution of this function can be proposed by the user or the system will automatically execute when the user issues a running command. After execution, a grammar check report window will be generated, and each error will be listed in a list. If you directly click the mouse on the error item, the program corresponding to the error will be directly called out and the cursor will be pointed at the wrong position. It is very helpful for wrong judgment and correction.

Program Test

1. Provides a multi-page status test page window. The user can customize the components and register data to be displayed on each page, and can individually select the format of the data display. The status monitoring page settings will be stored in the project file. During the second operation, it can be called directly to facilitate the monitoring and setting of the status, and the switch component can be disabled, enabled or forced to set and set the register value through the status test page during execution. To get physical and online training of all Electrical Engineering courses visit our website.

2. Multi-window WinProladder program high-brightness display screen, in addition to the closed state of each switch component is directly displayed on the component in red, the current value of the register in each application command is also directly displayed in the window together. This is very useful for program testing. Great help. In the window, you can also directly click on the switch component and disable, enable or force it to be set. The suppressed contacts and coils are displayed differently from normal components to help grasp the status of the components.

program annotation and printing

1. Provide different levels of annotation functions such as components, registers, networks, program units, and programs. All comments except the last can be displayed in the ladder program window. This is a great interpretation of how the ladder program works help.

2. In addition to the input of the software, the annotations of the components and registers can also be created by the user’s customary text editing software and then read into the software by import, or export Convert the components and buffer comments in the project into text files for intercommunication with other application software such as Excel.

3. Provide the following report (report) file printing function

Ladder program printing:

You can select the printing range and annotation items to output the WinProladder program from the printer.

Use component cross report:

List all the components used in the program and the location of the application instructions in the program.

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