Motion Graphics Training in Pakistan

Motion of graphics designing
Motion graphics
Duration: 2 Months
Fee:             25,000/-
Course Outline:
Motion Graphics Outline
1. Program Introduction
2. Motion Graphic Overview 
           o   Case Studies and Overview of Industry
           o   Overview of After Effects or current software
           o   Designing assets for importing and animation
3. Applying Animation Principles for Motion Graphics 
          o The classic 12 Animation Principles and how they apply to Motion Graphics
          o Application in practice
4. Practical Organization for Projects and Teams 
         o Developing a consistent system for freelance and team projects
         o Archiving projects that will be easy to revisit in future and for others to work on
5. Level 1 Animation 
         o Keyframing and animating the 5 basic Transformation properties 
        Position, Scale, Rotation, Opacity, Anchor Points
6. Creation in After Effect 
        o Working with Solids, Text, and Shape Layers
        o Compositing techniques with modes, masks and mattes
        o Editing sound in After Effects and Adobe Audition
7. Project Construction 
        o Steps for developing a project from script to storyboard to final project
        o Layer organization, precomposing and working with nested compositions
        o Creating and repurposing modular asset
8. Intermediate Techniques 
        o     Using Null, and Adjustment Layers
        o Simple but useful Expressions
9. Learn Through Course Projects 
        o A text animation using a word or short phrase. Use timing motion and animation principles to convey the meaning of the word. 
        o A 5-10 Second abstract graphic animation that conveys an emotion
        o A 30 second Motion Graphic Project following examples of Infographic, PSA, Advertisement or Artistic Motion Graphics