December 1, 2022

Privacy Policy

We are committed to impart quality education and training in Engineering, Information Technology & Management disciplines and aim at being a national organization through continual improvement of its educational ability, effectiveness of Quality Management System.

The Management is committed to continually improve its educational and training system 

  • Development and improvement of all professional courses through PDCA approach.

  • Improving the institutional processes & services by involvement of management staff, facilitators, learners, industries, donors and Interested Parties.

  • Complying with applicable legal contractual and other requirements related to professional education.

  • Encouraging talent and building a safe and conducive learning environment to promote creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship.

  • Adopting best practices and providing latest available infrastructure and learning resources to fulfill the requirements of learners, industry, governing bodies and community.

  • The quality policy is communicated and understood by all Interested parties and is reviewed for continuing suitability.

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