Professional retraining for the course “Electricity and Electrical engineering

The BES training centre offers clients to master the professional retraining program in electric power and electrical engineering. As a result of your studies, you will receive a state diploma. The document gives the right to conduct professional activities. The acquired amount of knowledge will allow you to successfully perform professional tasks. Specialists with secondary or higher education need to improve their working skills, constantly modernize their knowledge and skills. The company “Burraq Engineering Solutions” is able to help solve the problem of professional retraining of employees on the basis of electricity and electrical engineering.

Electricity and Electrical Engineering

Features of training

The course is aimed at developing students’ professional knowledge and competencies that allow them to quickly respond to emerging problems and solve them. The course program includes the following sections:

  • Energy management;
  • Economic and legal foundations of the field of activity;
  • Repair, installation, maintenance of equipment;
  • Calculation of power and bandwidth;
  • Use of modern technologies;
  • Planning and organization.

BES uses the distance learning principle. To master the program, the listener must have the Internet. The person will be given access to the resource on which the necessary materials are collected. Verification work is also handed over online.

Issuance of a diploma

If you have successfully passed the test, you will be provided with a document of the established sample. It operates throughout the territory of the Pakistan Engineering Council. We send the document by mail or send by courier delivery. The term of validity of the diploma is not limited.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

What professional training gives

Unlike advanced training, professional retraining of employees allows them to master a new profession, acquire additional competencies in the Electric Power and Electrical Engineering program in Pakistan, and skills for solving work problems. Thanks to the completion of the courses offered by our organization, a person will be able to change the field of his activity. Indeed, at the end of the program, a diploma is issued that confirms the knowledge and skills acquired. Refresher training is necessary for people who strive to achieve the following goals:

The desire for career growth;

Obtaining additional knowledge, abilities, skills;

Mastering a new speciality;

Adaptation to changing social and economic conditions.

After completing the study of programs in any direction, a specialist has the right to conduct activities in the same area, but in a different speciality or in another area where basic specialized education is not required. Our company offers courses that are compiled in accordance with the standards in force in the country, the requirements of qualification guides, federal laws and regulations.

What are the advantages of contacting the company “Burraq Engineering Solutions?”

The team of the BES training centre realizes that modern personnel must meet the requirements, standards and trends adopted in each of the market segments. Therefore, we propose obtaining a professional retraining diploma under the Electric Power and Electrical Engineering program, which allows you to acquire new knowledge and develop existing ones. Clients who have already cooperated with us note a number of advantages:


  • Orientation of programs to professional standards;
  • Lack of subjects not related to the discipline being studied;
  • The most thought-out and comfortable training format;
  • Providing an individual approach to each student.

Thanks to the established diplomas, which are issued upon completion of retraining, most of our clients find new jobs with better working conditions, more prestigious and highly paid ones. Contact you too! Experts of the centre “BES” will do their best to ensure that the quality of retraining, format, cost and timing is 100%.

More information about the cost and conditions of professional retraining under the electricity and Electrical Engineering program can be found by phone or on the website.

How to enrol in professional retraining courses of the training centre

  •  Leave a request
  • Fill out the form on this site. The specialist will contact you within fifteen minutes and explain in detail how to apply.
  • Get a consultation
  • Our experts will clarify the details of your situation
  •  Payment
  • Payment is made according to the details attached to the contract.
  • Education
  • Training is conducted by the teacher according to the schedule agreed with the student at a convenient time for him.
  • You can start working.

Obtaining a retraining diploma for electric power and electrical engineering. The originals of contracts, receipts and acts will be delivered to your address free of charge.

Have questions? We will call you back!

The company provides services in the field of professional retraining in the direction of “Energy”. Theoretical knowledge, supported by practical training, allows our graduates to improve their competencies, to become true masters of their craft. We offer various programs for mastering, which are being developed by practising teachers. All training materials comply with the requirements and standards in force in the country.

After the course of study, you will receive

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