Now get Revit Training in the best engineering institute of Pakistan. We can also provide our courses online for cities like Karachi, Quetta which are far away from Lahore.

Fee: 35,000

Duration: 2 Weeks

Timing:  9-12, 12-3, 3-6. 6-9

          1. Introduction to Autodesk Revit
          2. Basic Sketching and Modify Tools
          3. Setting Up Levels and Grids
          4. Modeling Walls
          5. Working with Doors and Windows
          6. Working with Curtain Walls
          7. Working with Views
          8. Adding Components
          9. Modeling Floors
          10. Modeling Ceilings
          11. Modeling Roofs
          12. Modeling Stairs, Railings, and Ramps
          13. Creating Construction Documents