Electrical Automation

With cloud automation, the vision becomes a reality

Use the IT infrastructure efficiently with the help of cloud automation

While cloud service providers are making it easier for companies to access more and more computing power and storage space when needed, comparatively little has been done to reduce the workload associated with managing the cloud infrastructure. To be able to use the cloud more effectively, it is important for companies to understand what they can automate in the cloud. While iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) provides tools to automate workflows between the applications hosted in a cloud without complex API programming, Cloud Automation uses special software tools and methods to automate manual tasks associated with administration and are connected to the operation of a cloud-based IT infrastructure. The original vision of cloud computing automated on-demand services that can be dynamically scaled will become a reality with cloud automation. To get Best Automation Training visit this website Burraq Engineering Solutions

Cloud Automation
Cloud Automation

From manual work to automation

Provisioning and operating workloads in the cloud have traditionally been a time-consuming process that requires extensive manual configuration by IT operators. Common tasks such as configuring virtual machines, setting up VM clusters, setting up virtual networks, and managing availability and performance must be done manually. If a workload requires a hundred virtual machines, they must be configured individually.
Cloud automation can be used by companies to reduce the manual effort required to provision and manage cloud computing workloads and services. Cloud automation can be used in public as well as in private and hybrid cloud environments in order to reduce the administrative effort and to achieve workflow goals such as continuous integration and continuous provision. Cloud automation tools can be configured to automatically control the installation, configuration and management of cloud computing systems so that companies can get the most out of their cloud-based resources.

Cloud automation isn’t everything

In addition to cloud automation, cloud orchestration is also part of a well-thought-out cloud deployment. It defines the delivery and management of the tasks to be automated and streamlines tasks or processes to improve efficiency and reduce manual workload. The automatic provision of servers, the backing up of data or the detection and elimination of unused processes are some of the tasks that cloud automation can perform in real-time without human interaction. The cloud orchestration organizes and coordinates these defined tasks into a uniform approach in order to achieve the intended goals. Cloud orchestration combines low-level tasks into processes and coordinates them across the infrastructure, which often consists of several locations or systems. In a metaphorical sense, cloud orchestration is the arrangement of these pieces to form a finished puzzle, while cloud automation is a piece of the puzzle.

Wide range of tasks – from IaC to version control to data backup

IT organizations that rely on a cloud-based infrastructure can automate a number of tasks to lower their IT costs, reduce errors, and increase their operational efficiency. Below are some of the most common tasks that cloud automation can make more efficient.
Typical areas of application for cloud automation include

  • Establishing an infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Version control for workflows
  • Implementation of regular data backups
  • Shutting down unused instances and processes

Establishment of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

The concept of Infrastructure-as-Code describes the process of managing and deploying the technology stack using software and code instead of configuring individual hardware elements. Cloud platforms with virtualization functions can automate the detection of computer resources in the network and organize them in pools so that IT operators can flexibly provide resources regardless of their physical configuration or their location in the server room. These results in an infrastructure as a code architecture in which users can execute automated, codified processes to achieve the desired hardware configuration without manual setup.

Set up version control for workflows

With increasingly stringent data privacy and security requirements for confidential data stored in the cloud, organizations can use cloud automation tools to provide version control for workflows in which that data is used. This enables the organization to demonstrate to a regulator that the same secure configuration was used each time the data was accessed or changed.

Performing data backups

Even data that is stored in the cloud should be backed up regularly to avoid data loss. With cloud automation, IT operators can configure data backups in such a way that they are carried out automatically outside of business hours without manual intervention.

Cloud automation does more than just reduce manual work

Cloud automation offers a number of advantages. Once a process is defined, it can be repeated with little or no manual intervention and even set up to run on a fixed schedule. In addition to the obvious advantage of reducing manual work, cloud automation offers other advantages:

Cloud automation offers a number of advantages. Once a process is defined, it can be repeated with little or no manual intervention and even set up to run on a fixed schedule. In addition to the obvious advantage of reducing manual work, it offers other advantages:
Agility: Companies can quickly scale server instances and storage to better adapt to changing requirements.
Effectiveness: Quality assurance and test functions are also effectively activated by cloud automation, eg B. by allocating computer resources for the workload of the tests to be run.
Speed: Increased delivery speed of the cloud infrastructure and administration. With this, tasks can be completed faster. An IaC tool can eg, For example, you can set up a hundred servers in just a few minutes using predefined templates.
Control: Better management and centralized management of existing environments
Security: Significantly reduces the risk of human error, malicious insiders, and account compromises.
Reliability: The continuous monitoring of cloud services and the automatic reaction to problems ensure that business processes run smoothly.
Change management: The improvement of the CI / CD method (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) ensures a better overall process cycle, at the same time reducing the likelihood of software errors and increasing development stability.
Improved governance: When setting up systems (manually or on an ad hoc basis), administrators keep track of what is actually going on and have a centralized way of controlling the infrastructure.
Cost: Fewer manual processes also mean fewer errors, so less time is spent diagnosing and debugging and more time is left to get things done. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the IT infrastructure is significantly reduced.

The key to more scalability and agility

The main difference between cloud automation and other types of automation lies in the types of services to which cloud automation applies. Since cloud-based environments allow users to access resources differently than they have on-site (eg cloud environments typically do not give end-users control over physical servers), cloud automation focuses more on the automation of infrastructure services than on physical equipment.
But cloud automation is also the key to dealing with the scalability and complexity of its environments. Certainly half a dozen local servers can be managed manually without any problems. In the cloud, where there is a multitude of different types of VM instances to choose from, automation plays a special role in avoiding the operation of servers that are not required.
Because cloud environments are made up of a number of different types of services that are constantly changing, automating the management of cloud resources is critical to getting the most benefit from the cloud. Without cloud automation, companies deprive themselves of the scalability and agility that a cloud offers for a more comprehensive IT strategy.

Introduce AutoCAD drawing

You can insert an AutoCAD drawing into a Visio diagram and then place shapes on top of it to make it clearer. In general, see how you can import: Click Import> CAD Drawing. Then select the AutoCAD file, specify the scale and level options and the drawing will appear on the page. If you need more information along the way, this article explains every step of the way.

AutoCAD Drawing
AutoCAD Drawing

Supported versions of AutoCAD

If you are a subscriber to Visio Program 2, you can import a file. dwg or. DXF from AutoCAD 2007 to 2017. If you are not a subscriber, be sure to save the file as an AutoCAD 2007 .dwg or .dfx file before importing.

Preparing to import AutoCAD

If you want to work on the same scale as your AutoCAD file, we recommend that you first prepare for AutoCAD import. Then return to this page and continue the import process.

Introduce AutoCAD drawing

  • On the Insert tab, click CAD Drawing.
  • Locate the .dwg or .dxf file, and then click Open. The CAD Design Properties dialogue box will appear.
  • If you want to work on the same scale as the AutoCAD file, set the CAD Drawing Scale to match the viewing angle scale in AutoCAD.
  • Note: If you calculated a custom page scale when preparing to import, do not specify this scale here. Use the custom page scale only in the page layout and not when importing. See Preparing to Import AutoCAD for more information.
  • See the page preview on the right. The grey box is where the AutoCAD design will take up space. The white box is the page. If it has this format, you are in good condition:

If the AutoCAD drawing extends beyond the page, this means that the drawing will be larger than the diagram page. In this case, do one of the following:

  1. Verify the optical scale in AutoCAD and make sure it is the same as the scale specified here.
  2. Verify the optical scale in AutoCAD and make sure it is specified in the page layout before importing the file. See Preparing to Import AutoCAD for more information.
  3. If you calculated a custom page scale when preparing to import, make sure it is specified in the Page Setup section before importing the file. See Preparing to Import AutoCAD for more information.
  4. If the Visio page scale is what you want and you want the AutoCAD file to be customized, click Custom Scale. Change the AutoCAD drawing scale to fit the page. If you are unsure of how the result will look, click Apply before you click OK. This will update the preview image before importing the file.
  5. You can also accept the extended AutoCAD design by clicking OK. Then later, you can trim the AutoCAD drawing.
  • If necessary, click the Level tab and change the layer properties. Then click OK to enter the design. You can always unlock the drawing and change the AutoCAD level properties later if you want.

Does nothing seem to be happening after the introduction? Zoom out and you can see the whole design more easily. If it is too big or too small to work with, it is recommended that you prepare for admission first.

Professional retraining for the course “Electricity and Electrical engineering

The BES training centre offers clients to master the professional retraining program in electric power and electrical engineering. As a result of your studies, you will receive a state diploma. The document gives the right to conduct professional activities. The acquired amount of knowledge will allow you to successfully perform professional tasks. Specialists with secondary or higher education need to improve their working skills, constantly modernize their knowledge and skills. The company “Burraq Engineering Solutions” is able to help solve the problem of professional retraining of employees on the basis of electricity and electrical engineering.

Electricity and Electrical Engineering

Features of training

The course is aimed at developing students’ professional knowledge and competencies that allow them to quickly respond to emerging problems and solve them. The course program includes the following sections:

  • Energy management;
  • Economic and legal foundations of the field of activity;
  • Repair, installation, maintenance of equipment;
  • Calculation of power and bandwidth;
  • Use of modern technologies;
  • Planning and organization.

BES uses the distance learning principle. To master the program, the listener must have the Internet. The person will be given access to the resource on which the necessary materials are collected. Verification work is also handed over online.

Issuance of a diploma

If you have successfully passed the test, you will be provided with a document of the established sample. It operates throughout the territory of the Pakistan Engineering Council. We send the document by mail or send by courier delivery. The term of validity of the diploma is not limited.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

What professional training gives

Unlike advanced training, professional retraining of employees allows them to master a new profession, acquire additional competencies in the Electric Power and Electrical Engineering program in Pakistan, and skills for solving work problems. Thanks to the completion of the courses offered by our organization, a person will be able to change the field of his activity. Indeed, at the end of the program, a diploma is issued that confirms the knowledge and skills acquired. Refresher training is necessary for people who strive to achieve the following goals:

The desire for career growth;

Obtaining additional knowledge, abilities, skills;

Mastering a new speciality;

Adaptation to changing social and economic conditions.

After completing the study of programs in any direction, a specialist has the right to conduct activities in the same area, but in a different speciality or in another area where basic specialized education is not required. Our company offers courses that are compiled in accordance with the standards in force in the country, the requirements of qualification guides, federal laws and regulations.

What are the advantages of contacting the company “Burraq Engineering Solutions?”

The team of the BES training centre realizes that modern personnel must meet the requirements, standards and trends adopted in each of the market segments. Therefore, we propose obtaining a professional retraining diploma under the Electric Power and Electrical Engineering program, which allows you to acquire new knowledge and develop existing ones. Clients who have already cooperated with us note a number of advantages:


  • Orientation of programs to professional standards;
  • Lack of subjects not related to the discipline being studied;
  • The most thought-out and comfortable training format;
  • Providing an individual approach to each student.

Thanks to the established diplomas, which are issued upon completion of retraining, most of our clients find new jobs with better working conditions, more prestigious and highly paid ones. Contact you too! Experts of the centre “BES” will do their best to ensure that the quality of retraining, format, cost and timing is 100%.

More information about the cost and conditions of professional retraining under the electricity and Electrical Engineering program can be found by phone or on the website.

How to enrol in professional retraining courses of the training centre

  •  Leave a request
  • Fill out the form on this site. The specialist will contact you within fifteen minutes and explain in detail how to apply.
  • Get a consultation
  • Our experts will clarify the details of your situation
  •  Payment
  • Payment is made according to the details attached to the contract.
  • Education
  • Training is conducted by the teacher according to the schedule agreed with the student at a convenient time for him.
  • You can start working.

Obtaining a retraining diploma for electric power and electrical engineering. The originals of contracts, receipts and acts will be delivered to your address free of charge.

Have questions? We will call you back!

The company provides services in the field of professional retraining in the direction of “Energy”. Theoretical knowledge, supported by practical training, allows our graduates to improve their competencies, to become true masters of their craft. We offer various programs for mastering, which are being developed by practising teachers. All training materials comply with the requirements and standards in force in the country.

After the course of study, you will receive

Our New Initiative alhumdulillah. Hostel Facility for Trainees.
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