Wonderware InTouch – Features

Wonderware InTouch controls more than 100,000 plants and factories around the world. InTouch has enabled these plants to achieve world-class performance, as well as reduce costs and maintain product quality.

Wonderware InTouch
Wonderware InTouch

What is InTouch?

Wonderware InTouch is the world’s most advanced and well-known Human Machine Interface (HMI) and process visualization software. It offers world-class innovation, brilliant graphics, maximum ease of use, and unmatched connectivity. InTouch is simply the most sophisticated graphics technology and the most intuitive product on the market for process visualization.
Wonderware InTouch, the world’s most appreciated HMI and used in more than a third of manufacturing and industrial plants, enables users to quickly create standardized, reusable, one-click visualization and installable applications across the enterprise, including to mobile users.

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Evaluation of the situation for greater effectiveness of the operator

Through 30 years of countless innovative visual and technological advancements, InTouch brings unmatched levels of clarity, consistency, and meaning to embedded data. Together, these visual innovations enhance the ability to better understand the recent past, present, and possible future of the process.
The ArchestrA Graphics Situational Awareness Library provides a superior set of functional blocks for dynamic process visualization. It is a unique resource that helps operators focus on the most useful content, solve problems, and minimize distraction and fatigue. As a result, there are fewer interruptions and less downtime, and a greater focus on improving performance, safety and cost control. Simply Wonderware.

Viewing is accessible from anywhere

The world’s favourite HMI is also fully mobile. Eventual and remote Web HMI and mobile SCADA users can now view and control plant operations data in real-time via a secure web browser from virtually any “smart” device such as tablets and smartphones.
Wonderware® InTouch Access Anywhere is an extension of Wonderware InTouch. It offers access to InTouch applications through any HTML5 compatible web browser and completes our vision of enabling multi-level viewing, collaboration and execution in the organization, with no customer installation and no maintenance. It enables users to safely monitor or troubleshoot plant equipment or processes from anywhere, or on any device, at any time. Simply Wonderware.

Maximum investment protection

After a 30-year history of leaving no customers behind, Wonderware provides year after year updates that protect customer investments in InTouch applications. An InTouch application deployed decades ago can continue to function, unchanged, with the latest version of the InTouch software. You get all the benefits of the latest hardware and operating system enhancements with no retrofit costs; no other company can claim the same. Simply Wonderware.

The core of the company’s unification

In today’s modern industrial facilities there is a multitude of data sources, from field devices and PLCs to distributed control systems (DCS). InTouch has been the leader in open systems since 1987 and has earned that reputation by connecting to more devices and systems in the plant than any other software. Industrial plants around the world often substitute supplier software for the PLC vendor for InTouch. It connects to hundreds of I / O and OPC servers and the Wonderware DA Server toolkit allows you to create specialized data servers, easily and as needed. There is no data outside the scope of InTouch. Simply Wonderware.

Powerful and sophisticated

Virtualization technologies play a key role for companies trying to reduce their hardware costs. No one in the industry offers more virtualization options than Wonderware, including the latest virtualization technology from Microsoft®, Hyper-V and VMware. InTouch leverages Hyper-V and VMware so you can deploy redundant HMI applications locally or remotely for more cost-effective high availability and disaster recovery options.
Dynamic resolution conversion allows you to adapt runtime between screen resolutions, so you can view InTouch applications at various screen resolutions without the need to modify the application. This enables operational agility and the ability to build and run applications anywhere.
Resolution-independent graphics can also be resized or enlarged without distortion, so they can be designed in one resolution and reused without distortion in a different resolution or on various devices, whatever the screen size.
InTouch natively incorporates “smart” features for consistent data handling and data quality visualization on operator screens. All this power is at your fingertips without writing a single line of code. Simply Wonderware.

Ready-to-use symbol library

InTouch comes equipped with a comprehensive library of pre-built and tested stunning graphic symbols and faceplates containing over 500 professionally designed ArchestrA graphic symbols, most with customizable “intelligence” already built-in, providing drag-and-drop access. drop ”to previously built engineering components. InTouch reduces engineering costs and enables you to quickly and easily develop custom graphical views of your processes in real-time. Simply Wonderware.

Versatile and expandable

InTouch is an open and extensible HMI with intuitive graphical animation and scripting capabilities that bring incredible power and flexibility to application designers. InTouch offers the ability to use existing vector graphics, bitmap graphics, library symbols, .NET controls, and ActiveX controls.
ArchestrA symbols are compatible with embedded .NET controls, giving you the freedom to extend your application without restrictions without programming. They also offer access to standard protocols such as Web browsers, desktop applications, mapping tools, ERP components, and any other. NET-compliant control-based application. Simply Wonderware.