Now get VFD Training in the best engineering institute of Pakistan. We can also provide our courses online for cities like KarachiQuetta which are far away from Lahore.

Fee: 25,000

Duration: 2 Weeks

Timing:  9-12, 12-3, 3-6. 6-9

  • Overview of different VFD’s FujiINVT, and Danfoss and Schnieder
  • Selection of VFD for Motor
  • Source of Freq.in VFD
  • Source of Operation in VFD
  • Jog Mode of Operation in VFD
  • Multiple Sources of Frequency in VFD
  • Disable the Reverse Operation of Motor?
  • How to Secure/Lock your Parameter?
  • Multi-step Speed Commands in VFD
  • Internal PLC Mode
  • Acceleration & Deceleration Time & Speed Inhibit
  • How to Bound the Frequency of Drive (Upper Bound & Lower Bound Function)
  • How to Reset the External Fault in Drive?
  • Internal Counter of VFD
  • How to change External Control of VFD
  • VFD Operational Feedback (ON/OFF)
  • Reading feedback of getting Desired Frequency in VFD
  • VFD Biasing
  • Biasing the Frequency
  • Biasing the Frequency with Pot. Freq. Gain
  • Biasing the Voltage
  • Acc./Dec. Time 1 (Default)
  • Acc./Dec. Time 2 (Conditional)
  • Introduction to Scaling
  • Wiring and Installation of VFD
  • Motor Speed Control using Built-in Potentio.
  • Motor Speed control using Keypad of VFD
  • Motor Speed control using 0-10V (Analog Values)
  • Motor Speed control using 0-20mA (Analog Values)
  • Motor Max and Min Frequency set/reset
  • VFD Overload activation for Motor Protection
  • Motor Reverse Forward using functions.
  • Advance Functions
    • Two Motors On/Off using One VFD
    • Motor Speed Control Through Thermocouple (Analog Sensor)
    • Motor Reverse Forward using external signals.
    • Synchronization of two VFD’s (TEXTILE MILL Example)
  •   Complete wiring of VFD
  • Wiring of Analog sensors with VFD