Now get VFD Training in the best engineering institute of Pakistan. We can also provide our courses online for cities like KarachiQuetta which are far away from Lahore.

Fee: 25,000

Duration: 2 Weeks

Timing:  9-12, 12-3, 3-6. 6-9

  1. Overview of different VFD’s FujiINVT, and Danfoss and Schnieder
  2. Selection of VFD for Motor
  3. Source of Freq.in VFD
  4. Source of Operation in VFD
  5. Jog Mode of Operation in VFD
  6. Multiple Sources of Frequency in VFD
  7. Disable the Reverse Operation of Motor?
  8. How to Secure/Lock your Parameter?
  9. Multi-step Speed Commands in VFD
  10. Acceleration & Deceleration Time & Speed Inhibit
  11. How to Bound the Frequency of Drive (Upper Bound & Lower Bound Function)
  12. How to Reset the External Fault in Drive
  13. How to change External Control of VFD
  14. VFD Operational Feedback (ON/OFF)
  15. Reading feedback of getting Desired Frequency in VFD
  16. VFD Biasing
  17. Biasing the Frequency
  18. Biasing the Frequency with Pot. Freq. Gain
  19. Biasing the Voltage
  20. Acc./Dec. Time 1 (Default)
  21. Acc./Dec. Time 2 (Conditional)
  22. Introduction to Scaling
  23. Wiring and Installation of VFD
  24. Motor Speed Control using Built-in Potentio.
  25. Motor Speed control using Keypad of VFD
  26. Motor Speed control using 0-10V (Analog Values)
  27. Motor Speed control using 0-20mA (Analog Values)
  28. Motor Max and Min Frequency set/reset
  29. VFD Overload activation for Motor Protection
  30. Motor Reverse Forward using functions.
  • Advance Functions
    1. Two Motors On/Off using One VFD
    2. Motor Speed Control Through Thermocouple (Analog Sensor)
    3. Motor Reverse Forward using external signals.
    4. Synchronization of two VFD’s (TEXTILE MILL Exampl
    5.   Complete wiring of VFD
    6. Wiring of Analog sensors with VFD