Video Editing Training in Lahore

Video Editing
Video Editing

Burraq Engineering Solutions is offering its best services in video editing training courses in Lahore. BES is a leading training institute that is offering its best training in digital marketing and video editing software like adobe premiere pro,filmora, Camtasia, etc. We will teach you how to edit youtube videos by trained instructors. We introduce a platform Lyskills from where you can get access to thousands of our courses at a very low cost.

Fee: 15,000

Duration: 6 Weeks

Timing:  9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM

Course Outline

  1. Setting up a project
  2. Setting up a sequence
  3. Importing Media
  4. Importing assets
  5. Importing images
  6. Capturing the videotape
  7. Organizing Media
  8. The Project panel
  9. Video Editing
  10. Navigating the Timeline
  11. Essential editing commands
  12. Clips and Marker
  13. Moving clips
  14. Extracting and deleting 
  15. What are transitions?
  16. Edit points and handles
  17. Adding video transitions
  18. Adding audio transition
  19. Four-point editing
  20. Retiming clips
  21. Replacing clips and footage
  22. Regular trimming
  23. Adjusting the Motion effect
  24. Advanced trimming
  25. Regular trimming
  26. Monitor panel
  27. Adjusting the Motion effect
  28. Using other motion-related effects
  29. Import, Export & publishing
  30. Editing and Mixing Audio
  31. Adjusting audio volume
  32. Adjusting audio gain
  33. Adjusting EQ
  34. Working with effects
  35. Keyframing effects
  36. Effects presets
  37. Creating a look
  38. Specials color effects
  39. Creating a look
  40. Stylizing text
  41. Text Animation
  42. Create Short Intro
  43. Chracter Animation
  44. Use Effect 
  45. Moving Chracter
  46. Clip cutting 
  47. Add Clip
  48. Mix Sound
  49. Remove Background clip
  50. Logo Animation
  51. Using Editing Tool
  52. Pen Tool
  53. Company Intro
  54. Colour Balance
  55. Keyframe audio
  56. Split edit audio and video
  57. Cartoon Animation