Video Editing

Video Editing

Here is a brief overview of what we teach at our video editing course in Pakistan:

Introduction: This introduces what video editing is, why it is useful, its terminology, intro to broadcast and stages of video making.

Starting with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5: This module of the course will introduce you to the software itself. You will get acquainted with workspace, project window, monitor window, timeline window, importing clips and saving/opening/locating files.

Capturing Clips, Tools Insert and Overwrite Edit: This section of our Video Editing Courses in Lahore will teach you how to capture videos for your project, stop-motion animations and reading time code from source video.

Video Editing: The core module where we discuss editing in detail with focus on monitor window, timeline window, working with clips, trimming clips and other relevant concepts.

Transition and Integration with Adobe Product: Learn to create storyboard, work with transitions, integration with Adobe Products, creating counting leader and previewing.

Creating Titles: Here our expert trainers will teach you to work with Adobe Title Designer, creating a graphic image in it, rolling and crawling titles, adding titles to project and previewing and checking title safe zones.

Superimposing and Compositing Slide Animation: All about super imposition such as opacity, key frames, split screens, matte keys etc.

Animation Clips, Applying Effects, and Exporting: This section of video editing course in Pakistan is about creating animation clips and applying effects as well as importing videos and stills.

After Effects Introduction: An introduction to After Effects with focus on navigating interface, organizing files, creating composition, using essential tools, viewing options, timelines and importing assets.

Timeline and Key-Frame Animation: How to create simple key frame animations, working with multiple properties, editing key frames, auto mode, rotation and positioning, graph and graph editor.

Layers: All about blending, masking, tracing and camera.

Basic Text Animation: Here you will learn typography, motion graphics, wipe text animation, kinetic typography, animate objects and text along a custom path.

Creating Lower Thirds: This module of the Video Editing Courses in Lahore is about dynamic lower third and text animation, split text animation, square object title reveal and reveal text.

Slideshow and Audio Editing, Export Video: Finally you will learn slideshow animation, basic music edits and audio effects, quality settings and formats/sizes and export.