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Have you heard about what electrical engineering is? Would you like to know it in depth? Many people, when choosing what to study, take the path of Engineering. However, there are so many and so numerous that, on many occasions, it is quite complicated. For this reason, at Euroinnova FormaciĆ³n, we want to give you a hand in making this decision. And we want you to know what Electrical Engineering is for it! In this way, you will be able to understand what each of the engineering firms means and which one best suits what you are looking for.

Electrical Engineering is not one of the best known or popular. However, it can become as important in society as Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Telecommunications Engineering. Each of the engineering firms makes a vital contribution to our society. That is why, whichever one you choose, the chances are that you will find in it an enriching and rewarding job. Do you want us to begin to know what Electrical Engineering is? Go for it!

Electrical Engineering Institute
Electrical Engineering Institute

The concept of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Institute is the field of Engineering that deals with the application of electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. Therefore, it is a discipline with a long historical antecedent, and currently in great demand together with Systems Engineering. In other words, we can say that Electrical Engineering is the integration of different fields, physical and mathematical, for the creation and design of systems and equipment for the transmission, distribution and generation of electrical energy.

However, far from exhausting the question of what Engineering is, as it is such a broad field of study, it requires delving into the different nuances and qualities of an Electrical Engineer. To achieve an exact and precise definition of the term, it must be clarified that, depending on the place and context used, Electrical Engineering may not include Electronic Engineering in its domains.

Thus, when a distinction is made between the two concepts, two levels are established. On the one hand, Electrical Engineering would focus on the branch that addresses problems in large-scale and power systems, such as energy control systems. On the other hand, Electronic Engineering refers to low power systems, such as telecommunications systems.


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