AutoCAD Electrical & Switchgear Design

autocad training institute


  • AutoCAD Electrical basics and Professional commands. 

  • NO contact, NC contact, Relay Coil, Timer coil, NO push button, NC push button, SP MCB

  • Assignment:

  • Copy and paste attribute symbols into palate and design center

  • Brief presentation with slides

  • Discus types of electrical diagram

  • How to make lighting distribution board (LDB) for story building

  • Draw DB diagram with respect to different types of load. (SLD and power circuit & calculation)

  • Load Balancing

  • SLD of DB checking/finishing and discussion

  • Draw SLD of motor control center (MCC), motor calculation & selection method of motor components

  • SLB MCC diagram checking/finishing and discussion

  • Study and understand DOL circuit and operation

  • DOL starter diagram (used attribute & Dynamic blocks for control circuit)

  • Study and understand ASD circuit and operation

  • ASD starter diagram (used attribute & Dynamic blocks for control circuit)

  • Study and understand REV/FOR circuit and operation

  • REV/FOR starter diagram (used attribute & Dynamic blocks for control circuit)

  • Checking schematic diagram of DOL, ASD & REV/FOR starters / fishing and discussion

  • Overview about all international standard relevant to electrical switchgear field

  • Types of switchgear panels (slides), Types of diagram (slides)

  • ANSI protection relay codes

  • Switchgear device/components codes

  • Draw the SLD & Schematic diagram of interlocking between 3 –motors with operating water level switches & lamp text facility and alarm acknowledge scheme

  • Checked schematic & control circuit of motor interlocking/fishing and discussion

  • Create following layers, drawing, text, page

  • Move each page into individual layout, Rename layout, page setup, print

  • Draw SLD, Schematic & diagram and interlocking of WAPDA & Generator source with using TP ACBs (LT Switchboard)

  • Draw PFI diagram (SLD and power circuit)

  • With using attribute symbols for control circuit

  • PFI diagram discussion and Calculation for Power factor bank.

  • Wiring diagram of LT Switchboard

  • Copper bus bar calculations

  • ATS (Automatic Transfer Supply) Control Power diagram and Selection criteria. 

  • Transformer and Generator size calculation and Proposal

  • Motor Control Center sizing i.e Breaker sizing according to NEC , Contactor sizing, overload relay sizing, busbar sizing 

  • Motor start study and selection method from STARTING Methods of Motor. 

  • DOL, DOL 2 location, DOL long distance 

  • DOL Reverse Forward 

  • Star Delta

  • Reverse Forward star delta 

  • Series Resistance Method 

  • Series Inductance Method 

  • Auto transformer Method 

  • Buzzer and Light indication for faults

  • Over load relay, Under voltage relay, over voltage relay, phase failure relay , phase sequence relay, earth leakage relay, Power factor relay 

  • CT and PT calculation 

  • Cable sizing and BS/NEC standard for voltage drop of cable selection. 

  • Short circuit current calculation for breaker and cable selection


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Good Day.
    Hope you are good and feeling well.
    Dear i want to register for designing course. Did you have any branch in peshawar because i am living and doing job in Peshawar city.

    • Hello Husnain
      Thanks for your message
      Yes we are providing online training also for those students who are not able to come to institute. You can take participation in course through TeamViewer software. Through this software, you can watch our engineers and communicate them also easily. If you have any more question, feel free to contact us.

  2. Hi mr burraq

    I would like to join this course and i am not in Pakistan, how can I join the course and pay the fee
    I need more info


    • Hello Hakim
      Yes, you can take our classes online if you’re not from Pakistan. Provide me your email so I will give you further info.


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