Retail Sales Training for Employees

Retail sales training is the process of teaching your store associates how to engage a stranger… and build rapport and trust, how to show a product and demonstrate its features and (more importantly) benefits, how to contrast and compare products, how to overcome objections to selling value over price, and how to close each and every sale.

Employee retail is a benefit offered by some retailers where employees can purchase merchandise at a discounted price. The discount may vary by company or store, and there may be restrictions on what items can be purchased. 

Benifits of Retail sales Training

This benefit is often offered as a perk to attract and retain employees, as well as to encourage employees to become more familiar with the products they sell. 

Retail sales training for employees typically includes instruction in customer service, product knowledge, sales techniques, and store principles. 

Training may also include topics such as visual merchandising, inventory management and loss prevention. The goal of the training is to equip employees with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively sell products, provide excellent customer service, and represent the company positively. Retail sales training can be delivered through a variety of formats such as online modules, in-store training or workshops. 

It may also include on-the-job training where employees learn by doing tasks under the guidance of experienced colleagues.

          Fundamental 3 Components Of Retail Sales Training

Retail sales training involves three different elements:

1. New employee or new hire training is first. It is your baseline training regarding how to open and close a register, how to ring up a sale, how to ship, how to fill shelves, how to choose web orders, how to utilize mobile POS on tablets, etc.

2. The second is product knowledge training. Product knowledge training has to go farther than just what’s in the box or how it works. This particular training should involve learning who this product is for and who it is not, what situations it is good for, rival items in the marketplace, and how to organize a hands-on trial. The education enables every employee grasp the benefits of the features of a product to be able to convey with a shopper. 3. The most significant training is number

3. Retail sales training with an emphasis on psychology and interpersonal skills. After all, all of the product expertise in the world coupled with the most cutting edge payment technology is useless if your sales employees don’t know how to greet a customer with an open heart.

BES Institute’s Retail Sales Training Certification courses are designed to provide you with the skills and information needed to improve your quality management procedures and the effect you have within your business.

All retail sales training aims to do is improve your capacity to convert more browsers into customers in your physical retail store.

  • The Values of Great Salesmanship
  • Preparing the Store and the Sales Representative for Selling
  • Greeting and Building Customer Relationships
  • Learning About the Uncovering Customer’s Lifestyle
  • Creating and Recommending Solutions
  • Getting prepared to sell.
  • Opening the sale and starting a conversation.
  • Uncovering the customer’s needs.
  • Demonstrating a solution to the customer using FABs.
  • Handling customer objections.
  • Adding additional value to the sale.
  • Closing the sale.
  • Confirming and following up with the customer.
  • Using Motivating Language
  • Recognizing Buying Signals
  • How and When to Close the Sale
  • The Five Steps to Overcoming Stalls and Objections
  • Follow-up and Building Referrals

Retail Sales Training for Employees

  • Fee: 40,000
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Timing: 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM
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