PLC HMI Level 1 Training in Lahore

PLC Level 1

Burraq Engineering Solutions is providing physical training of PLC HMI SCADA Level 1 in Lahore. BES is best training institute which is offering its services in delta PLC training. We are also providing online training of Siemens PLC training online for all over Pakistan. We are providing our services in Electrical Automation and Electrical Engineering from last 8 years with 5000 + students. Due to rapid increase in online education, we launched a platform Lyskills from where you can get access to our online video training courses in very cheap price.

Fee: 15,000

Duration: 4 Weeks

Timing:  9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM


                        Course Outline of PLC

  1.      .Introduction and History

  2.       Introduction to TIA portal and its installation

  3.        Programming languages stl ,fbd,ladder ,.

  4.         Making Simple Program in TIA 

  5.         Add remove PLC controllers IN TIA program 

  6.        Going online with  s7-1200 plc via TIA

  7.        Connecting s7-1200 via ethernet

  8.         topology, network and device views

  9.         Upload /download program in PLCs

  10.        Working with different type of simulators like PLSIM and s7-plsim simulating modules

  11.         Integration of simulator with TIA and their  offline control

  12.         Monitoring of plc program while online 

  13.         Checking and setting the CPU /CONTROLLER and module properties

  14.         Create tags for the I/O of the CPU.

  15.         Create a simple network in your user program

  16.         Use the PLC tags in the tag table for addressing the instructions

  17.         Inserting new networks and deleting them

  18.         Adding empty box, open and close branch ass well as inserting inputs

  19.         Program blocks and main OB

  20.        Bit Logic Instructions  NO,NC,COIL

  21.        Word Logic Operations ,AND ,OR NOT ,NAND, XOR,XNOR

  22.        Assignments and negative assignments

  23.        Set/reset coil with flipflops

  24.        Timers TP, TON ,TOFF and time accumulators

  25.        Counters UP,DOWN, UP/DOWN

  26.        Range and validity  functions

  27.        Comparator Like  equal to , not equal to ,less than, greater than etc(= ,> ,< ,>= ,<= )

  28.        Arithmetic Functions like add sub,MUL,DIV,MOD,NEG,INC,DEC,ABS ,MIN,MAX,LIMIT

  29.        MOVE Block FIELDREAD,FIELD WRITE etc 

  30.        Advance Functions like SWAP,CONVERT ,CEIL,FLOOR

  31.        Special Functions

  32.        Plc tags and adding new tag table

  33.       Plc data types ,int ,float, double ,byte etc and how to add them

  34.       Plc trobl shooting and maintenance

  35.       Watch and force table  and how to add them in project

  36.        Introduction to analog and digital sensors

  37.        PT100,Optoelectrical ,limit switches

  38.        Integration of sensors with plc and taking values in TIA

  39.       Calibrating analog sensors RTD and Thermocouple

  40.       Reading analog sensor value from TIA portal

  41.       Going online problems and theirs solutions

  42.        Intro to VFD and frequency drives

  43.        VFD parameter setting in FUJI

  44.        Connect VFD with PLC and control by current change

  45.        HMI (Human Machine Interface) Section

  46.       Learn to Program  WIENTEK HMI

  47.       Learn to design in Utility manager

  48.       Creating tags in HMI in utility manager

  49.       Adding buttons ,lamps , numeric inputs and outputs 

  50.       Connect HMI with plc

  51.       Download program in HMI as well as online and offline simulations 

  52.       Hmi and plc connection problems and solutions

  53.       Reading  senor value at HMI

  54.       Controlling motors from HMI

  55.        Introduction to SCADA