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plc training institute in lahore

Now get PLC Training in the best engineering institute of Pakistan. We are providing practical training of PLC HMI & SCADA, AutoCAD, ETAP and a lot more engineering training in Lahore. We can also provide our courses online for cities like Karachi, Quetta which are far away from Lahore.

Fee: 15,000

Duration: 3 Weeks

Timing:  9-12, 12-3, 3-6. 6-9

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Course Overview

Overview of different PLCs and their Programming Logics, Introduction of Ladder Logic and its Timers, Counters and different Programming blocks used in Ladder Logic. Introduction to Instrumentation and Analog values. Introduction and Designing of HMI and SCADA.This course will include hands on training Of Hardware and PLC interfacing process.

Benefit Of Training
  • Expert in PLC Wiring.
  • Expert in PLC Programming (Ladder Logic Language).
  • Expert in Sensors Wirings (Analog and Digital).
  • Expert in HMI Designing.
  • Expert in SCADA Designing.
  • Expert in VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) Wirings.
Distribution Of Lectures


  • Introduction and History of PLC
  • Gates Logics(Programming)
  • Latching


  • Interlocking
  • Examples of Interlocking.


  • Timers
  • Examples of Timers
  • Counters
  • Examples of Counters


  • Comparator
  • Arithmetic
  • Examples of Comparator and Arithmetic


  • Move Block with Examples
  • Advance Functions with Examples


  • Word Logic with Examples
  • Special Functions with Examples


  • All Previous Topics Implemented on Industrial Panel(Online with PLC)


  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) Parameters Settings.
  • VFD with PLC.


  • VFD Wiring.
  • PLC Wirings


  • HMI Designing


  • HMI Designing


  • SCADA Designing
Course Outline

1.Introduction and History:

Introduction and brief history of PLCs and alternative control Systems, Open loop and closed loop system.

2. Bit Logic Instructions :

About Fundamentals of PLC systems and Software and Ladder Logic for Simple Digital Functions. (NO, NC, Coil, Set reset, NOT, inverse Coil, Positive and Negative Transitions).

3. Timers and Counters:

Introduction to Advanced Control with PLCs (timers, counters)Pulse timers on delay off Delay Timers. Counters:Up down up down counters.

4. Comparator and Arithmetic Functions:

Projects based on previous understandings about Ladder Logic Introduction to Advanced Control with PLCs(Comparators (<, >,>=,) comparing analog and digital values), Arithmetic (Add, sub, Mul, Div, ABS, NEG, MOD Max, Min, Limit, Inc, Dec),Logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions).

5. MOVE Block:

For displaying, analyzing and analog and digital values. MOVEBlock MOVE Fill BLOCK

6. Special Functions Blocks:

Organization Blocks (OB100, OB10 Etc.)

Time of day interrupts

  • Data Blocks

7. Data Blocks Nomenclature:

 System Functions Blocks (SFC), System Functions (SFCs)

  • Retentive timer
  • S7-300/400 PLCs system configurations

System Password, Retentive memories,Special memory bits etc.

  • Analog sensors data acquisition
  • Analog Value Scaling and calibration
  • Special memory bits (SM0.0, SM0.1 etc.)

 Retentive memories

  • PLC and program Passwords
  • I/O’s Filters
  • Multi-Modules systems in S7-200, Subroutines (Functions) in S7-200
  • Subroutines (Functions) in S7-200

8. Advance Functions:

Convert Round Ceil Floor Truncate SCALE UNSCALE Jump instructions Label instructions

9. Word Logic Operations:

AND OR XOR Invert DECO ENCO SEL commands and functions. Shift right left instructions

10. Special Functions:

Internal relay, Always on Coil Always off coil First scan cycle coil.

11. Practical Portion:

Online with PLC. VFD Parameters Settings. VFD with PLC. VFD Wiring.PLC Wiring. Analog and Digital Sensors Wirings.

12. HMI (Human Machine Interface) Section:

Introduction to Human Machine Interface (HMI) and it’s designing. Design of Buttons, control of outputs using Buttons Design of multiple screens and shifting between screens Motor, furnace, boiler ON/Off display Object animations and movement Conveyor movement and roller movement Alarm logging and alarm display Trend Display (Graph display of production) Symbolic IO field). Numeric IO Field for displaying analog and digital values (Temperature, Pressure flow etc).

13. WinCC and S7-200 PLCs connection via OPC Connection:

OPC Servers

PC Access (Siemens OPC Server for S7-200PLCs)

Tag management

Graphics controls for S7-200 PLC Project

  • Animations in WinCC

Geometry Object Rotation

Flow in a Pipe

Tank Level Display

Floating limit Switches ON/OFF Display in atank

Security & Access control in WinCC

Administrative control of the project

Creating New Users

Creating limits of the Users

Login and Logout

Access of different controls


Manu and Tools Bar for a project


Digital Alarms, Analog Alarms

Alarms Classes, Alarms massage Types

Configurations of different alarms

Creating Picture and controls for Alarms


Communications with PLCs using full register and extracting individual bits


Wecon, Wientek & Siemens HMI Panels

Complete project development for HMI Panel

14. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition):

Complete software designing of SCADA,Design of IO’s fields Use of Gaugescheck box, buttons SCADA interfacing with PLC and monitor the online and runtime values on computer screen and motor values on SCADA Screen. Hardware Used in this Training: Siemens PLC Wientek HMI FUJI InverterDigital and Analog Sensors.


Modbus Communication for PLCs whose protocol driver is not available in WinCC SCADA

Profibus communication with Siemen

PLCs and WinCC explorer SCADA

Totally integrated automation combining Simatic STEP 7 professional and WinCC Explorer SCADA


Faceplates for motor speed, Direction, Run, Stop


Writing Functions in VBS and C.

Global Script

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