Now get Instrumentation Training in the best engineering institute of Pakistan. We are providing practical training of PLC HMI & SCADA, AutoCAD, ETAP and a lot more engineering training in Lahore. We can also provide our courses online for cities like Karachi, Quetta which are far away from Lahore.

Fee: 15,000.Rs ( For Foreginers Students Fee 150.$ )

Duration: 4 Weeks

Timing:  9-12, 12-3, 3-6. 6-9

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Course Outline
Instrumentation Signaling and Plant Applications
  1.  Analog or Modulating
  2.  Digital or On/Off
  3.  Serial, Bus, and Ethernet Technology
 General Terminology of Process Instrumentation
  1.  What is an instrument “Element?”
  2.  Indicators (Local vs. Remote)
  3.  Transmitters and Signal Converters
  4.  Final Control Elements
 Level Measurement Methods – Technology and Good Installation Practices
  1.  The physics of head measurement
  2.  The compressibility of substances
  3.  Head height vs. specific gravity
  4.  Gauge vs. differential
  5.  Pressurized vs. non-pressurized vessels
  6.  Bubblers
  7.  Remote diaphragm seals
  8.  Sight glass
  9.  Floats
 Flow Measurement Methods – Technology and Good Installation Practices
  1.  Volumetric Flow Meters
  2.  Differential Pressure (Square Root)
  3.  Magnetic
  4.  Vortex
  5.  Turbine/Paddle Wheel
  6.  Open Channel (Level)
  7.  Mass Flow Meters
 Temperature Measurement Methods – Technology and Good Installation Practices
  1.  Thermocouples
  2.  Everything you wanted to know about Thermocouples
  3.  RTD’s
  4.  Ice Point, 2, 3, and 4 wire
  5.  IR
Control Valves – Technology Good Installation Practices
  1.  Valve bodies and valve trim
  2.  Actuators
  3.  Electric vs. Pneumatic
  4.  Reciprocating vs. Rotary
  5.  Fail Positions
  6.  I/P’s. Positioners, and other Signal Converters
  7.  Regulators and Pressure relief valves
 Analytical Instrumentation – Technology
  1. Gas Detection
  2.  Catalytic bead
  3.  Electro-chemical
  4.  UV/IR
  5.  Cross-sensitivity
  6.  Chromatographs
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