Primavera Training Courses in Lahore

Primavera training 

Burraq Engineering Solutions is a Technical Institute that is providing services in Automation and Electrical Engineering courses. We are offering complete training of primavera P6 course in Lahore, in this course our most expert and efficient instructors give you complete practical training of primavera software training, you will also get hands-on training of all about WBS in primavera P6, interface & preference, filtering, reporting, Work Breakdown Structure and much more. We are also offering online training of primavera training all over Pakistan. Lyskills is our E-Learning project where you can get lifetime access to your desire course at a very cheap price.

Fee: 15,000

Duration: 3 Weeks

Timing:  9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM

Primavera P6 Professional Training Course Outline

1. An overview of Project Schedule Management

2. Fundamentals of Project Management

3. What is a Project?

4. What is Project Management?

5. Five Process Groups of Project Management

6. Schedule and its Importance

7. Critical Path Method for Scheduling

8. Understanding a Gantt chart

9. Introduction to Primavera Systems and Oracle Primavera P6 PPM

10. Primavera P6 Installation

11. Primavera P6 Interface and Preferences

12. Organizational Breakdown Structure

13. Enterprise Project Structure

14. Work Breakdown Structure

15. Planning your Work Schedule

16. Understanding a Sample Project

17. Creating a New Project in Primavera P6

18. Project Window Options

19. Understanding Project Must Finish and Total Float

20. Role of Calendars in Scheduling

21. Understanding and Adding Calendars

22. Project and Database Default Calendar

23. Creating WBS in Primavera P6

24. Understanding Percentage Complete Types

25. Understanding Activity Types

26. Setting Defaults for New Activities

27. Adding Activities

28. Estimating Duration of Activities

29. Adding Duration of Activities

30. Understanding Relationships

31. Adding Relationships and Scheduling

32. Understanding Scheduling Algorithm

33. Scheduling Options

34. Formatting Bars, Columns and Timescale

35. Group, Sorts and Layouts

36. Filtering in Primavera P6

37. Reporting in Primavera P6

38. Understanding and Adding Baseline

39. Updating a Project

40. Assigning Baselines and Monitoring a Project

41. Adding and Assigning New Currency

42. Understanding Roles, Resources and Expenses

43. Adding Resources

44. Duration Types in Primavera P6

45. Assigning Resources and Reviewing Resource Allocation

46. Adding Expenses

47. Developing Project Funding Requirements and Cost S-curve

48. Updating a Project with Resources and Expenses

49. Planning projects

50. Calendar Settings

51. Enterprise Project Structure

52. Organizational Breakdown Structure

53. Work Breakdown Structure & Activities

54. Different types of constraints and relationships

55. Navigation

56. Enterprise Project Structure

57. The Work Breakdown Structure

58. Relationships and Constraints

59. Formatting Project Data

60. Roles and Resources

61. Project Analysis

62. Project Execution

63. Creating and maintaining baselines

64. Project Resourcing

65. Project Costing and Budgeting

66. Creating Project Reports

67. Printing of current projects

68. Importing/exporting and check-in/check-out the project