Business Development Training Courses

business development


Duration: 2 Weeks

Timing:9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM

Course Outline of Strategic Development

  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer service
  • Marketing of products and services
  • Orientation- Goal settings. Plan a day, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly etc
  • Business Flow Chart
  • Understanding Urgent VS Important time study.
  • Business Flow Chart
  • Sales Flow Chart
  • Team Building
  • Staff Job Descriptions, KPIs. Positional contracts
  • Useful Team Meetings: 1) Team Mtg (monthly) 2) Weekly Task/ department 3) Daily Huddle
  • 4 Weekly Mgmt
  • Owner Time Log
  • Marketing Research
  • Capability for development and implementation of restructuring strategies
  • Promotions and its Objectives
  • Marketing Concepts
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Internet Marketing: (DM, SEO, SMM)
  • Capability Building (Talent Development, Business Development skills and innovations)
  • Time saving strategies for Business owner
  • Phone Techniques Incoming and out going
  • Budget for tasks
  • List and review Current Business Systems
  • Cash flow projections and strategies
  • Check List System
  • Hiring matrix score sheet
  • Product Branding and its importance
  • Lead Generation
  • Understanding the sales process

Goals of Marketing Strategy Development

Business development is the foundation of any business success. This training is relevant to perfect your knowledge and skills in sales and marketing.

  • Improve your knowledge and skills in sales marketing
  • Learn to analyze your market
  • Know some essential business strategies
  • Understand the importance of developing a strategic action plan

Marketing and situation analysis

  • The definition of marketing and its usefulness
  • Analysis of the situation (market, competition, target customers, FFFOM, review of marketing activities)
  • Business goals

Positioning and market penetration strategies

  • Marketing positioning and market penetration strategies (differentiation, segmentation, brand, products, price, distribution)

Sales and Marketing Strategies and Tactics

  • The choice of marketing strategies and tactics and business development

Development of new markets and action plan

  • Define an approach for sales expansion
  • Indirect sales channels (distribution etc.)

What is Business Development and Marketing

Are you looking to understand others better about a business development strategy? Do you want to effectively develop and reach your customers in order to increase your ability to sell your products, services and ideas?

This training offers you the best practices in business development to stand out from the competition. Learn how to take advantage of favorable market opportunities, rethink your customer approach, and achieve your sales goals.

Burraq Engineering Solutions is a leading Technical Training Institute in Lahore that will give you best understanding and best techniques to grow your business and business skills.

Goals of a Management Development Institute

  • Build your “value creation” in business and recognize its importance.
  • Implement a business development strategy that goes beyond sales and negotiation tactics.
  • Integrate marketing and digital and social presence in your approach.
  • Optimize the development of your contacts and the choice of your potential customers.
  • Plan and structure an effective sales approach.
  • Improve your verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Carry out promising follow-ups, which are a guarantee of success.


  • Professionals
  • entrepreneurs
  • managers
  • representatives
  • sales consultants.

No matter what level you are at, this training will allow you to validate and improve your current practices, to discover new ways of doing things, but also to structure, in a professional and efficient manner, your business development approaches


Distinctive Advantages Of Business Development

This training is based on best business development practices. Through strategic, dynamic and proven approaches, it will allow you to increase the quality of your relationships with your partners as well as with your current and potential customers. At the end of this training, you will be able to better orient your critical thinking and thus determine the avenues of solutions and improvements to ensure the growth and sustainability of your organization.

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