Internet of Things (IOT) Course in Lahore

IOT Internet of things
 Internet of things (IOT)

Burraq Engineering Solutions is a leading Technical Institute in Lahore, which is offering its services in the Automation industry from the last 8 years with 5000+ happy students. In our course on the internet of things, we will teach you what is the internet of things or what is the definition of the internet of things? IoT is a software or sensor that connects and exchanges data with other devices over the internet. In this course, we will teach you all about IoT training. If you want to get online video training, then visit our Educational Platform Lyskills and get access to our thousands of courses at a reasonable price.

Course Fee: 15,000/-

Duration;  4 Weeks

Timings: 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM     

Course Outline.

Internet of Things (IOT) Using Arduino+nodeMCU



1.      Introduction to IOT

2.      Understanding IoT fundamentals

3.      IOT Architecture and protocols

4.      Various Platforms for IoT

5.      Real time Examples of IoT

6.      Overview of IoT components and IoT Communication Technologies

7.      Arduino Simulation Environment

8.      Sensor & Actuators with Arduino

9.      Basic Networking with ESP8266 Wi-Fi module

10.  IoT Protocols

11.  Arduino Uno Architecture

12.  Setup the IDE, Writing Arduino Software

13.  Arduino Libraries

14.  Basics of Embedded C programming for Arduino

15.  Interfacing LED, push button and buzzer with Arduino

16.  Interfacing Arduino with LCD

17.  Overview of Sensors working

18.  Analog and Digital Sensors

19.  Interfacing of Temperature, Humidity, Motion, Light and Gas Sensor with  Arduino

20.  Interfacing of Actuators with Arduino.

21.  Interfacing of Relay Switch and Servo Motor with Arduino

22.  Intro to Bluetooth module

23.  BT module interfacing with Arduino

24.  Designing basic mobile app

25.  Connecting BT module   with mobile  app

26.  Introduction to esp8266

27.  node mcu+esp intro

28.  Node Mcu programming

29.  esp8266 serial communication

30.  Interfacing Arduino with Wi-Fi modules

31.  Adding Arduino access over internet

32.  Controlling Arduino via internet

33.  Taking digital pin data/status on mobile app

34.  Showing temperature  sensor data on mobile

35.  Taking light  intensity  on mobile app

36.  Control/dim LED from mobile app

37.  Control AC light bulb  via android app

38.  ON-OFF / dim fan via android app

39.  Taking digital pin data/status on web pages

40.  Designing of Bluetooth controlled devices

41.  Designing of Wi-Fi controlled /iot  devices