ETAP Training in Lahore | Pakistan

Etap Level 1
 Burraq Engineering Solutions is providing Physical Classes of ETAP training in Lahore. The Electrical Transient Analyser Program (ETAP) is a software tool that enables power engineers to create “digital twins” and analyse electrical power, mobility, and protection. We are also providing online ETAP Training for all over the Pakistan. As the trend of Online Video Courses increased, so we launched an LMS  (Lyskills) where you can get access to ETAP Training course in very affordable price and also all other short electrical courses like PLC, AutoCad, Dialux and many other electrical courses.

Fee: 15,000

Duration: 1 Weeks

Timing:  9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM

ETAP Training Course Outline

  1. ETAP Software Installation 
  2. Introduction to ETAP Software
  3. How to Create a New Project in ETAP
  4. How to Load the existing Project
  5. ETAP toolbar introduction
  6. One Line Diagram in ETAP
  7. Create your first one line diagram
  8. Composite Network in ETAP
  9. Creating a template and importing it to one line diagram
  10. Load Flow Analysis
  11. Run Load Analysis on Single Line Diagram
  12. Voltage Drop Calculations 
  13. Bus Voltages, Cable voltage Drops
  14. Bus Under voltage 
  15. Cable overload 
  16. Transformer Overload 
  17. Alert View in ETAP 
  18. Critical and Marginal Conditions in ETAP
  19. Arc Flash and Short Circuit Analysis
  20. Run Short circuit and Arc Flash Analysis
  21. Short Circuit Current Evaluation 
  22. How to Fault a bus 
  23. Edit Study Case 
  24. Motor Start Analysis
  25. Setting up the Motor Rating 
  26. Motor Start static
  27. Setting up the Motor Events in Edit Study Case 
  28. Starting Current and its Plot in ETAP 
  29. Motor Start Dynamic
  30. Setting up the Motor Parameters 
  31. Setting up the Motor Inertia, Load
  32. Motor Start Dynamic using VFD
  33. Protective Device Coordination Study
  34. Breaker Settings 
  35. CT settings 
  36. Over current Relay Settings 
  37. Sequence of Operation 
  38. How to generate report on ETAP 
  39. Introduction to ETAP Level 2 Training 
  1. Note: Also you can take the video course of ETAP from our Lyskills online learning and online earning platform.