Industrial Electrician Training in Lahore

Industrial Electrician

Burraq Engineering Solutions is providing physical Industrial Electrician in Lahore. BES is a Leading Technical Institute that is proficient in its field of Electrical Engineering and Automation. We will give complete training of how to draw circuit and diagram, domestic & commercial installation, to perfume electrical wiring in domestic and industrial installation and all complete training of Industrial Electrician. If you want to get industrial electrician video training then visit our Educational Platform Lyskills, signup as a student and start your online training.

Fee: 15,000

Duration: 3 Weeks

Timing:  9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM

Industrial Electrician Course Outline

  • Maintain and service hand tools, measuring tools and equipment
  • Read symbols and diagrams used for power and protective circuits
  • Identify and use various types and sizes of cables
  • Draw circuits and diagrams domestic and commercial installation
  • Perform electrical wiring in domestic and industrial installations
  • Perform work on protective system installations
  • Perform maintenance and service on protective devices
  • Select, install and maintain transformers
  • Select, install and service batteries
  • Install and operate motors
  • Select, install, and main different types of electric motors
  • Identify and select portable electric generators
  • Install and maintain a low to medium size generating set
  • Install low and medium voltage substation

Industrial Electrician Training Course

Industrial electrician are qualified electricians who are employed either in the production of electrical and electro technical systems or in the installation and maintenance of operational equipment.
Nothing works without electricity. Industrial electricians should not be missing in any large production company. Electrics and electronics are their daily business. They are qualified electricians in terms of accident prevention regulations.
Industrial electricians are experts in production systems and power supply. They assemble the systems for power generation and distribution and install the necessary systems for measurement, control and regulation technology, communication technology, signaling technology for drive technology and all of the lighting. They install cables and wire and configure systems. They ensure the operational safety of the production facilities, put the technology into operation and keep it running. They carry out their activities independently in compliance with the relevant regulations and safety regulations and coordinate their work with upstream and downstream company departments.

  • change operational systems and expand them,
  • organize the materials,
  • assemble and install line routing systems, information lines and power lines including general supply lines,
  • install machines and work systems including pneumatic / hydraulic components and set them up,
  • assemble and wire switchgear and automation systems,
  • configure systems, check function and safety,
  • monitor and maintain systems, analyze faults and repair systems,
  • instruct users in the operation of the systems,
  • set up construction sites and clear them.
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