Micro Controller (STM) Training in Lahore

STM Micro Controller
STM Micro Controller

STM Controller /course /outline

          Burraq Engineering Solutions is providing training and services of micropower charge controller (STM) by proficient and experienced instructors. In our training sessions of the STM course students will get hands-on training of pinout configuration, Clock Configuration, Issues with STM32 Blue pill board,   Introduction to Arduino IDE,    Installing STM library to IDE. You can also get Physical and online training of all Automation courses by the Technical Training Institute. We also introduce an advanced mode of learning (Lyskills) where students can get online video training at a very cheap price

        Fee: 15,000/-

        Duration:   2 Weeks

         Course Outline

       1.      Introduction to STM 32 controllers

        2.       Pinout Configuration

        3.       Clock Configuration

        4.       GPIO Configuration

        5.       Issues with STM32 Blue Pill Board

        6.       Configure project and generate source code

        7.       Boot pins and how to use them

        8.       Connecting STM controller with PC

        9.       Introduction to FTDI board and its functionality

        10.   FTDI board pin configuration

       11.   Connecting FTDI with STM

        12.   Intro to Arduino IDE

       13.   Configuring Arduino IDE to Program STM32F103C8T6 Blue Pill

       14.   Installing STM library to IDE

       15.   Adding STM board to IDE

       16.   INTRODUCTION TO STM32CubeProgrammer

       17.   Download and install the CUBE programmer

       18.   Build the Project

      19.   Debug the Project

       20.   Declaring GPIO pins  in IDE

       21.   Writing and uploading code in STM

        22.   Blinking the LED

        23.   Interfacing temperature sensor with STM

        24.   Measuring temperature with STM

        25.   Configure 61X2 LCD with STM32

       26.   Intro to PWM

        27.   Generating PWM with STM

        28.   Controlling servo motor with STM32

        29.   Interfacing HC-05 Bluetooth with STM32 Blue Pill

        30.   To use ADC in STM32F103C8T6

        31.   ADC in STM32 Blue Pill

        32.   Interfacing DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor with STM32F103C8T6