ETAP Level 2

Burraq Engineering institute provides ETAP level 2 training courses. Online and physical classes are available. Here you can easily learn the complete Etap Level 1 and Level 2 coursesEtap Level training refers to the level of training or certification provided by ETAP Software, a company that specializes in electrical power system analysis software. Specifically, the ETAP Level 2 training is intended for engineers and technicians who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of electrical systems. The training covers advanced topics such as,

  • load flow analysis 
  • short circuit analysis
  • coordination of protective devices
  • harmonic analysis

Training is typically conducted in a classroom setting, but ETAP also offers online training options. The training is designed to help professionals gain a deeper understanding of the software and how to use it to analyze and optimize energy systems.

Course Details

Burraq Engineering Solutions of offering online ETAP Training in Lahore PakistanThe Electrical Transient Analyzer Program (ETAP) is a software tool that enables power Engineers to create “digital twins” and analyze electrical power. Mobility, and protection. We are also offering physical classes of ETAP Training in Lahore. Due to the increase in online video courses, we introduce, where you get ETAP Training at an affordable price, and all other Electrical and Automation Training courses.

    • Introduction to course
    • Introduction to ETAP Toolbar
    • Rating Components
    • Presentation Toolbars
    • Harmonic Studies
    • Transient stability analysis
    • Ground Grid System
    • Cable Pulling System
    • Underground raceway system
    • Cable capacity
    • Introduction to the basic concepts of protection in ETAP
    • Control and protection engineering Design
    • Symmetrical Faults Concept in ETAP
    • Unsymmetrical Faults Concept in ETAP
    • Protective Device Coordination Schemes
    • Sequence of Operation
    • Parameter Setting and Adjustment
    • Busbar Differential Protection
    • Transformer differential Protection
    • Transmission Line Protection Concept and Case Design
    • Generator Protection Concept and Case Studies
    • Motor Protection
    • Directional Overcurrent Protection
    • Protective Device Coordination Study
    • Over-current Relay Settings 
    • Sequence of Operation
    • TCC Plot of overcurrent Protection Device
    • Over and under voltage Porte protection and under frequency protection
    • Reverse Power Protection
    • Revision and wizard toolbar
    • DC Load Flow
    • Battery sizing calculation
    • DG System Studies in ETAP
    • Solar Power System
    • Wind Power System
    • Advance Power system study
    • Optimal Power flow and Unbalanced load flow
    • Optimal capacitor placement
    • Capacitor Bank Concept and Case Study Design
    • Switching sequence management
    • Final Project
  • Also, you can take the video course of ETAP from our Lyskills online learning and
  •  Online earning platform. 

ETAP Level 2

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