commercial solar system design

Solar System Installation & Design

Solar System Installation and Design Training in Lahore is Provided by Burraq Engineering Solutions (BES). We are providing Solar System Design, PLC, SCADAAutoCAD ElectricalBuilding Electrical Design and a lot more engineering courses training. Due to increase in the Social Media Trend and Online Education System, We develop a LMS (Learning Management System) for those who want to learn from Video Courses.

Fee: 15,000

Duration: 3 Weeks

Timing: 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM

commercial solar system design Course Outline

  1. Introduction to  solar system and Solar System Installation  
  2. PV Array and its types
  3. Mono Crystalline vs poly Crystalline
  4. Intro to PVSYST software 
  5. PV system major parts
  6. PV modules (groups of PV cells), which are commonly called PV panels
  7. Batteries
  8. Charge regulator or controller for a stand-alone system
  9. Inverter 
  10. Wiring
  11. Mounting hardware or a framework.
  12. Panel mountings and their types
  13. Rail-based mounting system.
  14. Ballasted mounting system.
  15. Anchored mounting system.
  16. Residential roof.
  17. Standing-seam mounting system:
  18. Corrugated roof mounting system.
  19. Fully-railed system or Shared-rail system.
  20. Rail-less mounting system.
  21. Pv system types
  22. Grid-tied system
  23. Grid-tied system with battery back-up
  24. Off-grid system
  25. Solar system installation considerations
  26. Load calculations
  27. Panel size calculations
  28. Battery types and size calculations
  29. Charge controller types and selection
  30. PWM vs MPPT controllers
  31. Inverter types and selection calculation
  32. Battery-based Inverter/Charger
  33. Central Inverter:
  34. Hybrid Solar Inverters:
  35. Microinverters
  36. String Inverters:
  37. Preparation cable sizing and selection
  38. Combiner box its parts and wiring 
  39. PV array and battery wiring
  40. Charge controller and inverter wiring
  41. Solar system with VFD
  42. Designing SLDs from PV Modules to Combiner Boxes to Inverters till the excavation point.
  43. Earthing of PV Module Mounting Structure Lightning protection Calculations of PV area Preparation of PV Array and other Layouts (lightning, earthing, equipment etc.)
  44. Fuse types , CB’s and  their Sizing Calculations.
  45. Technical Evaluations and Selection of Different Solar PV Module Technologies.