Distributed Control System (DCS) Training in Pakistan

Distributed Control System

Burraq Engineering Solutions is offering physical training of DCS (Distributed Control System) Operation training. BES is best Technical Institute in Lahore which is providing DCS online training for all over the Pakistan. We are serving in the field on Electrical Automation and Electrical Engineering with experience of 8 years and 5000 + students, so all fresh graduates and young engineers are invited to join our job-oriented training sessions of DCS Training. Due to increase in online education trend we launched a platform Lyskills from where you can get access to our online video training in very low price.

    Fee: 50,000

    Duration: 3 Weeks

    Timing:  9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM

System Overview

  1. What Is Process Control?
  2. Seamless Integration
  3. Integrated Process Control
  4. Configuring with Function Block
  5. Top-Down Design Methodology

Configuration Overview

  1. PCS Hardware
  2. Project Structure
  3. Creating Projects in the MP
  4. Setting the Language for Display
  5. Assigning the Plant Hierarchy
  6. PH Settings
  7. Updating the Plant Hierarchy
  8. HID Generation
  9. OS Hierarchy (AS/OS)

System Configuration

  1. System Configuration for PCS 7
  2. Configurable Components
  3. Using HW Configuration for the AS
  4. Concept/Symbolic Channel Names)
  5. Compiling and Downloading
  6. Setting the PG/PC Interface
  7. Downloading in STOP Mode
  8. Configuring the PC Station (Overview)
  9. Calling Up NetPro
  10. S7 Connections


  1. Integrating and Block Libraries
  2. Organization Blocks
  3. CFC Basics & Insert Block
  4. Compiling and Downloading
  5. Debugging a Program
  6. Block Diagram of a Valve Control and Motor Control
  7. CTRL_PID (with LINK)
  8. Driver Concept (from V5)
  9. Message Configuration


  1. Sequence Structures
  2. Action and Transition
  3. Open SFC (in Test Mode)
  4. SFC Operating Mode Logic
  5. Run Behavior of an SFC
  6. External View of SFC

Operator Control and Monitoring

  1. System Configurations
  2. WinCC Multi-Station Systems
  3. Monitoring for SIMATIC PCS 7
  4. OS systems with multiple servers
  5. Central Engineering
  6. SIMATIC PCS 7 – Operator Station
  7. WinCC (PCS 7 – Basic Options)
  8. Tag Management
  9. Editors & Compile OS