PLC HMI SCADA Level 2 Training in Pakistan

PLC Level 2

PLC SCADA Level 2Training in Pakistan is Provided by Burraq Engineering Solutions which is one of the  best technical institute of Pakistan which is offering its services in Electrical Automation And Electrical Training from last 8 years. We are providing physical training of mitsubishi PLC training  and  siemens plc training in Lahore. We can also provide our courses online for cities like KarachiQuetta which are far away from LahorePLC SCADA Training in Pakistan is First Project for the Development of the Youth, Now we also Providing online Video Courses training on our Online Courses Platform Learn-your-Skills Lyskills

Fee: 30,000

Duration: 3 Weeks

Timing:  9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM

PLC SCADA Training Level-2 Course Outline 

  1. Quick Review of PLC HMI SCADA Level 1 Course.
  2. Jump and Label instruction in TIA Portal S7 1200/300/400 PLC
  3. How to make Functions (FC) in TIA Portal
  4. What is Cross Reference?
  5. FCs calling in Main (OB)
  6. Difference between FC and FB
  7. How to make FB in TIA and How to call it
  8. Force Table & Watch table
  9. How to add multiple racks and connection of IM with another IM on TIA Portal
  10. Uploading  a PLC Program
  11. RTUs concept using Profibus
  12. Motor Control with VFD
  13. Parameters setting of Analog IO’s in VFD from control terminals
  14. Connections of Analog IO’s (0-10V or 4-20mA)
  15. Forward Reverse of Motor using keypad
  16. Forward reverse of Motor from external signal
  17. Controlling the Motor Acceleration and Deceleration time
  18. Frequency setting range up to 120Hz
  19. PLC wiring of Analog IO’s with VFD
  20. Motor Speed control using VFD through PLC Motor Speed control from thermocouple through temperature.
  21. Read and Write major parameter of VFD on HMI (weintek) via MODBUS RTU using RS485
  22. Two VFD’s/Motors Operate with their feedback (Master Slave VFDs
  23. Speed control of second motor with reference to the first motor
  24. Parameter setting of Two VFD’s
  25. Encoder Interfacing with PLC Encoder wiring
  26. Encoder Program high speed counters in PLC Software TIA PORTAL
  27. Interfacing of Sensors with PLC Infra-Red Sensor Transmitter Receiver
  28. Photo Sensor
  29. Proximity Sensor
  30. Limit Switch
  31. Temperature controller
  32. Thermocouple
  33. PT100
  34. PLC Advance Functions Data Logging
  35. Normalize and Scale
  36. Convert
  37. Other functions
  38. SCADASCADA Designing multi screens OPC Server and Connection with SCADA, with same & different brand of PLC.
  39. Multiuser project and client project
  40. WINCC SCADA Graphic Designing
  41. WINCC SCADA Reporting
  42. WINCC SCADA connection with SQL Database by taking value of temperature/pressure/flow/level etc.
  43. Alarm Logging
  44. Tag logging & Trend display
  45. Gauges, sliders, motors, pipes, tanks and other object designing on WINCC SCADA.