Revit Training Courses in Lahore

Revit training Course
Revit Training 

Fee: 25,000

Duration: 3 Weeks

Timing: 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, 5PM-7PM, 7PM-9PM

  1. Introduction Revit Start-Up   
  2. Ribbon and Quick Access Tool Bar
  3. More Ribbon and Properties Panel
  4. Project Browser and options 
  5. Customizing User Interface
  6. Selection In Revit
  7. Navigation In Revit
  8. Preferences
  9. Starting Project with Template
  10. Setup Template For Project
  11. Create Custom templates
  12. Using Snaps  / settings 
  13. Adding Levels
  14. Wall Command
  15. Door , Windows And Small Project
  16. Modify Panel
  17. Wall Joins
  18. Measure Distance Between Two Points
  19. Setting Up Level and Units and Walls
  20. Walls …
  21. Adding Doors
  22. Adding Windows
  23. First Floor Walls
  24. First Floor Windows, Doors , Roof
  25. Adding stairs
  26. Adding Topo surface and Driveway
  27. Adding Fixture and Section
  28. Adding Room Element
  29. Linking CAD File
  30. Import CAD Files
  31. Link Revit Files
  32. Adding Text
  33. Adding Dimensions
  34. Adding Materials
  35. Rendering
  36. Final Project

Course Description of Revit Training course in Pakistan

Revit beginner training Course with Burraq Engineering Solutions

This basic Ravit Training Courses  in Burraq Engineering Solutions will allow you to learn the realization of an architectural project from the design of the Building to the documentation and thus be able to use the fundamental tools to design and model a project in 3D with Revit Course. Learn Revit beginner’s courses in the entire Pakistan, this Revit Mep Course training will teach you how to design and model a project in 3D. Students will learn the concepts of modeling through parametric design and documentation with real case exercises of Revit Classes.

After completing this Revit structure course you will be able to:

  • Become more familiar with the Revit interface in Revit online course with certificate.
  • Understand the fundamental concepts and functions of Revit Software Training.
  • Use parametric 3D drawing tools for project design in Autodesk Revit course.
  • Use the tools for the automatic creation of project documentation in Revit classes online.
  • To develop a certain level of comfort and confidence with Autodesk Revit through several real case exercises.
  • Learn to draw on Autodesk Revit in record time with our courses which are now considered among the best in Pakistan.

Targeted People for Revit Advance course

This course is suitable for disciplines including, architecture, construction, interior design, planning.

Software versions

Autodesk Revit 2020, Autodesk Revit 2019, Autodesk Revit 2018, Autodesk Revit 2017, Autodesk Revit 2016, Autodesk Revit 2015, Autodesk Revit 2014, Autodesk Revit 2013, Autodesk Revit 2012, Autodesk Revit 2011, Autodesk Revit 2010, Autodesk Revit 2009, Autodesk Revit 2008, Autodesk Revit 2007 and earlier.

Prerequisite for Autodesk Revit Clessess

  1. – No CAD software experience is necessary.
  2. – However, experience in architectural design is an asset.

Purpose of autodesk bim certification

  • Certificate of end of training
  • Lesson Plan
  • Introduction
  • Information modeling
  • Elements of Autodesk Revit
  • Using Autodesk Revit
  • Common user interface and tools
  • View the model
  • Display properties
  • Start a drawing
  • Start a project
  • Levels
  • Gate
  • Creation of your building
  • Basic walls
  • Composite Walls
  • Interior walls
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Control object positioning
  • Use alignments
  • Use constraints
  • Building development
  • Wall curtains
  • Create and modify floors
  • Ceilings
  • Rooftops
  • Create stairs and ramps
  • Building Components
  • Component families
  • Modify component families
  • Modifying walls
  • Create special walls
  • Create vertically composed walls
  • Creation of nomenclatures
  • Basic nomenclatures
  • BOM components
  • Check the appearance of nomenclatures
  • Drawing and details
  • Legend bubbles
  • Details
  • Drawing views
  • Present the model
  • Sections
  • 3D views
  • Rendering
  • Set of drawing sheets
  • Cartridge
  • Visibility of objects
  • Team work
  • Import
  • Export
  • Using project templates
  • Work in groups
  • Online Classes of Autocad Revit Courses.

We are here for you!

Online Revit Training gives you the ability to receive training, live and remotely, on key software for your business and career.

In online classes of suitable sizes, you will be able to follow the lessons, carry out the practical workshops and speak live with the trainer.

Key points of Revit Classes Online

  1. Choice of day
  2.  evening and weekend training.

All training is given online and also campus-based, and also by  video training with a certified trainer. Certificates given at the end of the course