Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Burraq Engineering Solutions Offer Search Engine Optimization Course.

Burraq Engineering Solutions is offering services of  SEO training in Lahore. We are offering physical training of SEO in best training institute. BES is also offering online SEO training for all over the Pakistan. We will teach you about On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, backlink strategies, content writing, Google analytics Google search console, keyword research and many more. We are also providing best training  in all IT courses in Lahore. Lyskills is out Educational Platform from where you can get online video training.

SEO Training Course Outline for Beginner to Advance

• For a beginner’s introduction to SEO

Why every business needs SEO and how SEO can boost ROI

How SEO can benefit your business: 3 main areas

The fundamentals of how search engines function

What is PageRank and its place in today’s SEO

White-hat vs. black hat SEO

Google’s most significant and latest algorithm changes

How to rank #1 on Google

The 4-step SEO process


• What is keyword research and why is it important

How to identify buyer personas

4 types of keywords to target and prioritize How to conduct user intent based keyword research

How to evaluate keyword competitiveness

Recommended keyword research tools to expand your keyword list

Advanced keyword research techniques


what is on-page optimization and why is it important?

On-page SEO cheat sheet

Title tags: Best practices

Domain and URL: Best practices

Meta description: Best practices

Site Audit

SEO Competitive Analysis & Research

Image optimization: Best practices

How to rank on YouTube and video optimization

Content creation: Best practices

Site architecture: Best practices

Design and UX: Best practices

Mobile optimization and common mistakes to avoid

Accessibility for search engine spiders


• Why use links?

Anatomy of a quality backlink

3 major off-page SEO ranking factors

Social media signals

What to do if you receive a search engine penalty from Google

How to fix a search engine penalty

7 effective link building strategies

How to do effective email outreach

5-step link building process (with template)

Hands-on Link Building

• Local & International SEO, Reporting, and Campaign Management Principles

• Google Local search ranking factors

Ways to target your site multi-regionally

Info graphics and marketing

Using the rel=”alternate” hreflang tag

Managing an SEO team

Google Webmaster Tools

SEO reporting & how to measure success

• Advanced SEO

• Keyword Usage


Synonyms and variants

Page Segmentation

Semantic Distance and Term Relationships

Co-occurrence and Phrase Based Indexing

Entity Salience

• Final Project:

Video Editing and Optimization for YouTube and Google

Image editing and Optimization

Content Writing

SEO Proposal

SEO Site Audit Report

Google Analytics Report

Hosting Solutions

Ranking Report

Practice on Real Project